Saturday, August 28, 2004

Weekend assignment #21

Weekend Assignment #21: Everyone had a subject in school they like better than all the rest. What was yours? And what's the most memorable thing you learned?

My favorite subject was math, to be specific, algebra.   I love working with numbers. I suppose I must get it naturally. My Daddy was a bookkeeper. He taught me early on in life how to do numbers. I knew how to use an adding machine before Icould ride a bike. 

  My next favorite was Comtempory Literature. In that class we examined not only  books but other things that were written ,for example, songs. We dissected what was written, looked for meanings when it was not clearly stated. We talked about what the words that were written meant to us, what feelings that the author may have been having when they wrote the words. It was a class that was thought provoking.

School work in itself was enjoyable to me. School on the other hand was not.


  1. Maths was the subject that i excelled at.My fav lesson in school has to be Rural Studies cos it involved being outside in the garden which i really liked.

  2. Math--algebra--oh I really do shudder to think.  I still have nightmares about algebra!  It's interesting that you were adept at both algebra and literature.  Both are abstract concepts.  But seems I just couldn't handle both!  Like you, I love hunting for meanings and themes in books.  It's like an Easter egg hunt.

  3. Mine was reading/ literature/ you I loved school work but not school itself...I had to wear glasses that had tape in the corners because I had crossed eyes; children tend to torment little kids that have a handicap; and also wore special built shoes with braces on my legs....on top of all that we were so very poor that we had no bathroom at home and lived in a cabin in the country that had never had paint on the old wooden I was picked on from day one...hey, but I lived to tell it! lol
    Oh, by the way Celeste; I have a new journal! I deleted my other one...the name  is no longer "THE FUNNY FARM" but "LIFE ON MY STREET" , and I hope you will continue to drop by! take care!

  4. LOL I was not big into the social part of school either! ~Ann ; )

  5. Contemporary Literature, -----good for you.  I am an English/Literature major and started to take it, but for some reason I like my authors dead.  Who knows why, but I have not found very many book I appreciate or desire to read if it is current.  

    Math is good, Finite in college was wonderful.  Again, good for you for liking Math, I hate to see women who automatically assume they should dislike Math or fail at it just because it is not traditionally tracked in their direction.

  6. English Comp !! I LOVED and still do - writing stories, songs, poems, opinions.....etc..... To be a special interest journalist would have been awesome!


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