Friday, August 6, 2004

Quiz time

Well let's start the day off with a little quiz. I amsure some of you have taken this already but that is okay. I snagged this quiz from  Kas's journal.  Are you Air, Earth, Water or Fire ?  Take the quiz and see what you are.

I am water and by did it peg me. See us water people let loose a lot of water!! LOL. On other days who knows what I am.

Water: You're sensitive and fluid, responding to feelings more than anything else. Dreams, visions, love, and the mysterious attract you. You may be prone to depression, so try to balance your emotions with rationality.


  1. WOW CELESTE....I'm water too..imagine that, and talk about being pegged, oh wow so very ME!

  2. I am water, too. GMTA


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