Wednesday, August 4, 2004

I went to the Ear nose throat doctor today. They tested my hearing and asked a bunch of questions. They do not have a previous hearing test to compare to. The doc said that typically with Meniere's you would have a hearing lose that mostly affects lower tones and mine was higher tones mostly. DUH that is what my hearing loss is, the higher tones. My hearing has decreased in my right ear, I know that because it is MY hearing. I know what I could hear before and now I can't. I have spent my entire life with a hearing loss and now I hear less. Maybe it is not Menieres but do not tell me where my hearing loss is worst at. I already know that. I am a good guesser at what people are saying by what I did hear. Yes I can read lips also. No I do not have aids now because they have gone beyond what I can afford. Yes I am concerned I will lose all of my hearing but what concerns me more is am I going to continue to have blackouts? Am I going to have to give up driving before my eyes make me? That scares me that I may have be totally dependent on someone to just take me grocery shopping. I just pray that all this goes away because I do not think I can handle it.


  1. OH how scarry this must be and to feeel like you are not being solidified and given answers. I am sorry for you.  hope it heals itself. Lori

  2. Oh celeste, you are going through exactly what i did, and I swear sooner or later after they get sick of you, they will eventually say its Meneieres. It is a very hard diagnosis to certify. However my advice to you is do not have the surgery if to cut the Vestibular cords cause I seen someone loose there complete hearing from it. But I so know what you mean. I did have to stop driving, and I do pray every day that It doesnt happen to me again, but it does flare up at any time, and its so scary. I cry myself sick when i start getting the symptoms, cause I know whats to come.....Its a very horrible disease with hardly no treatment available.

  3. Since I fainted again last week I am scared of driving.  I feel deeply for you, I do.  
    We are teaching the girls sign language...I think it helps them express themselves in a unique way.


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