Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jobs, gas, and transporation

In our part of the country you count yourself lucky to have a job, any job. Plants are closing down completely, some have laid off hundreds of people. The housing market which usually stays full swing right now is in a shutdown. Several of the biggest contractors in the area have houses left unfinished, workers that could not be paid, and subcontractors left in the lurch. The only consolation in al this is gas is down to $2.34 a gallon which makes it easier for those that are working to buy gas to get to their jobs. Johnny(my son in law) is one of the lucky ones, he starts a new job Monday after a almost a month of being out of work. The good thing is that will delay when and if they move to Dallas.
Pat has been driving the truck to work for the past couple of weeks. The front wheel bearings went out on the bike and we had to order the parts. The last part came in today. This is good. He will need to get back on the bike and ride it to work so we can fix the truck now. It has started running bad. So far we know that at least 2 sensors are bad and they will cost almost half a paycheck to get those parts. When it rains it pours. Once we fix that, then we will know if there is something else wrong. The bad thing is he needs to ride the bike so we can get the parts. We can't pay for gas and buy the parts even with the reduced gas prices! The truck is almost paid for, figures.
Next week is the Presidential election. I do not want to know who you are voting for. I do want you to vote.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coming home

So this is where my new home is. I am used to Blogger by now. I find it better than AOL journals. Decorating is easier, putting pictures where I want is easier. You can search for hemes and find some great ones and it is not hard to put them here.

I have been away for awhile. My life was falling apart before me eyes. I felt out of control and for the first time writing in my blog was no help.

Pat and I have managed to get our lives together. It has been a struggle but I feel it was worth it. My daughter and I are speaking again but there is no family gatherings planned anytime soon. Pat and Candiac may never heal their riff. Brook has been coming down some. It is a joy to have her.

Brook is growing up and things happening that I feared would. She is growing up in ways I never wanted for her. She is being exposed to elements that are not good influences. She is acting out and rebelling, being defiance and getting into a few fights. Her schoolwork has suffered. Things may change soon.

Candiac was notified last week that she will only be working 2 maybe 3 days a week. Today she was told that her boss may be filing bankruptcy. The week before that her husband was cut to 30 hours a week and then Monday last week he was laid off. He has been told that he may not receive any unemployment benefits as the state is out of money to pay any. they will be competing for the few jobs that are hiding out there with the hundreds of plant workers that have been laid off in the past few weeks. Mickie D's and Wal-mart are not even hiring. Johnny may go back to Dallas where there is supposed to be jobs. Candiac may go to her friend's house and I suppose join Johnny in Dallas in the future. Brook will come to live with me at least until school is out. I sincerely hope that she can stay forever!

So that is what is happening for now. I will write more tomorrow and catch up some more on everything.

I do hope that everyone decides to come over to blogger or somewhere else. Please leave me your link.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am here. I know what is happening with the journals. I cannot do much at this time. Major major pain with teeth. cant think. the rest of life is good.  I love you all I miss you. I had to take a break now I am forced to by pain. teeth will be removed mondy. I hope i can make it until then with dying. pain is making me sick.
I will post in C's Life