Sunday, July 31, 2005

Not just for kids!!

If you have kids and they have not signed up for Neopets just click the banner and join! Brook and I both play Neopets. Fun! IT IS NOT JUST FOR KIDS!!!!


Saturday, July 30, 2005


Just a quick note. MIL is here this weekend.

Saw the cutest thing today. Patches, my goat was on the roof of the barn! He climbed up on the boat and jumped on it. By the time I got out there with my camera he was down :-(

Made a batch of squash casserole today. I used squash, bell pepper and onion  from my garden. Candiac and I are the only ones that will eat it, so I made it in muffin pans! I then freeze each cup. When we want some all we have to do is take it out and pop it in the microwave and reheat it. LOL I do meatloaf the same way.

Well gotta go. She is gripping that I am always on the computer. 5 minutes and she grips. Pat is not home yet so I have not had a break today. SOON!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

fun day

I have been sort of busy today. This morning I did my grocery shopping at 6am. After getting back home and getting the stuff put up, I opened up my new coffe pot. Ijust do not understand this things. I had one for 12 years and it quit on me all at once. I bought another one at Christmas time. Well the other day IT quit on me! I could not go another day. The microwave just does not heat the water right for a cup of tea! Ater breakfast, Pat, Brook and I went and picked up his mama to take her to see the surgeon about that place on her arm. He feels that it could possibly be something has gotten in her (like a splinter) and just festered up. He said it is possible that it is a cancer on her arm, a squamous cell cancer. This is a type of cancer that rarely spreads to other parts of the body. Anyway she is to have surgery next Wednesday. He is fairly certain that he will not have to do a skin graft. She does have a lot of loose skin on her arm. It is paper thin. Monday I need to take her to get her pre-testing done. He told her to lay off the smoking for now. HA! The first thing she did when we were out of the hospital was to light up.
On to a better subject. Krystal! We ate Krystals for lunch. I love those little gutbuster hamburgers! LOL! After lunch we went to hair cutter and Brook and Pat got their hair cut. Brook's hair is short and sassy now!
Now for good news, Belle is still in the fence! I am so glad! I was so tired of having a horse in my front yard.
This afternoon Brook and I went to Walmart to shop for school supplies. Today was the first day for tax free school supplies. Clothes under $100 , computers under $1500 and stuff foe school are tax free. Our tax rate is 7%. Now that is a lot if you are buying a lot of stuff. I wish I could get her more clothes than I did. I only got her 2 outfits. Some of her old clothes still fit. She is going thru a growth spurt so there is no way that I want to get her clothes she will outgrow in a short time.
After that we went to Taco Bell. I think that is one of Brook's favorite place to eat! LOL. Next on we went to TaeKwonDo. Now home and she is playing with her school stuff. She is excited to start school.
Off to the  games! Hope everyone had a good day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

just a day

Well Belle jumped the fence yesterday while Brook and I were at TaeKwonDo. This is the 3rd time this weekend. This morning while preparing to go get her I had a shock, she was in the field with the other horses! We really did not expect that. I went inside and finished working on some of my stuff(reading journals and picking up). Pat got up and I could tell he was not happy! He was dreading going to get Belle in the heat. He thought he had overslept and wanted to know why I did  not get him up! I laughed and told him what I had seen. He was so relieved! Right now she is still out there with the other 2. I finished getting breakfast done and then I got my stuff ready to work on fence. Went out with my little bucket with had a hammer, wire, nails, wire cutters, pliers, electric fence do dads, and a pistol. I proceeded to put up a gate made from electric fence wire. Next I went down the fence line checking for any breaks and clearing off the vines from the electric wire that was topping the barbed wire fence. I know some of you are saying well where was Pat when I was out in the heat doing all that? Well he was under the brush hog sharpening the blades. I am the one that usually does the fence repairs around here. I have no idea why. I like doing it and I guess I just sort of took over the job. I can pound in metal poles or dig holes with post hole digger for the wooden ones. I can string barbed wire and electric. We do not have a fence stretcher so I have learned how to tighten the wire without one. Gotta watch that barbed stuff, if you tighten it too much you may find yourself wrapped up in it. It can snap and spring back at you and wrap around you. It is dangerous stuff.

Pretty hot out there right now. Temperature is 95, heat index is 110, humidity is 59%. My advice is to stay inside! I checked the pool water just a bit ago and it is as warm as bath water! My water at the sink is lukewarm. It has to travel a long way thru hot ground before it gets to my tap. Brook does not want to get in the pool because it is so hot. We did not go to TaeKwonDo tonight because of the heat. My van has no A/C. Hope it breaks soon!

Our birds were so cute the other day. We let them out all the time and  they fly around the house. The cats pay no mind to them doing that. Sometimes they run out of the room when the birds start flying. Anyway, for some reason their door shut on their cage whilethey were out. It was about the time that I usually put them up and Chip was down at the door messing with it. Peaches joined him, although she did not help. She just sat there and hollared. We could tell that Chip was trying to get in the cage! He kept working the door until finally he opened it and they both went inside.   


That's it for now. Gonna drink my water and think about getting in the pool. Might do some weeding after the sun strts setting.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Yesterday was a mixed bag. LOL My daughter picked me up to take me to meet her boyfriend's mother. Her boyfriend cooked lunch, it was pretty good. It was nice to meet his family. Everyone was so nice. They are a loving family, very  affectionate and hugging. His mother does not speak very much English but does understand a lot of it. She came here from Guatemala almost 40 years ago. She is an elderly sweet woman. She is leaving to go back to Dallas today.
After lunch was over I came home and Pat had brought his mother here. His sister has not at the house. Left to go out partying I guess. Pat said that the house smelled bad. Thw hole time she was here she just said how she wanted to go home. That she had to clean the house up in the morning. I asked her why does she have to if J is there. She said she cleans it. Pat shook his head. She insists that J has not taken any of her money. I asked her well how much did you give her to go to the store with? She said I only gave her $50. I told her that if she had given her that then she would still have money. I asked her if she had spent any other money and of course she had not. So now she has no money to buy smokes, medicines or pay for doctor at the end of the month.
Belle decided to get out. She jumped the fence and broke it. I saw her and Pat ran out and called her name and she came running back to him! I am so glad! So I am fixing fence while he holds her. Turned the juice back on so it will shock her if she touches it.
Pat took his mother home after that.
Candy came home with Brook, her boyfriend Johnny, and his niece Natalie and they brought sparklers with them. The girls had the place smoked up with those.
It was late when we all got to bed, after midnight. Everyone slept in. Now it is 90 degrees outside and th eheat index(feels like) is 101! Will not be doing anything outside until late this evening! Stay cool everyone!

Friday, July 22, 2005


Everything around here has been going at high tension. I think everyone has been wound up tight as a spring. So much has happened that I know I have not told you.I have 2 litters of baby kittens. Belle jumped fence and we had to go get her. My neighbor has moved all his junk in his mother's house now that she is in a nursing home. Unfortunately that does not mean he is gone. Her house is next door! We have had a guest from Dallas Texas staying here for a few days. A little girl for Brook to play with. Brook is sunburnt in spite of sunscreen. Precious refused to allow a stud to mount her even though she was in heat. The garden is coming up fine. I hope I get food out of it. Went to the store and everything had gone up. Today we find out that Hazel only has $4 left. She had $260 on Saturday. Funny how all her money is gone days after J shows up. Need to cut grass. It is getting tall. Think I will go out and fire up the tractor this weekend. I like cutting with it. Now if the rain will stop for a day or 2. Hot right now. 87 out there but the heat index says it feel like 103. Think I will stay inside for a bit longer.

Take care everyone. Things are getting back to normal around here. At least what passes for normal!!! LOL.

update on Buddy

Buddy is doing well. He has totally forgiven me for fixing that little problem he had.LOL He does not miss a thing! Now as far as his face, it was touch and go. In spite of my cleaning it everyday, he still developed a larger plug of pus in his cheek. The scab came off and you could see it. Clearly he still had infection. I kept cleaning on it. Once I was sitting in the kitchen floor wiping it down and I started pulling the plug, trying to remove it. I was pulling hard. I know it hurt him but he laid there and let me do it. Another cat came up to him while I was doing it and he slashed out at her. She approached him again and again he slashed at her. It hurt him so much what I was doing yet he allowed me to do it. He is going to be a good kitty. He finally popped the plug out by scratching it. He came up to me with it running down his face. As I washed his face he was purring. Now he is playing. He feels good now. He still has a huge hole in the side of his face but it is closing up and looking better. I don't think he will ever be able to open his eye all the way anymore. I am not sure that he did not lose some of his sight. He is going to survive this one.


The name of the mood

The mood was peeved. She was jealous! She thought that I was paying too much attention to another little girl!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Round Robin

Let's play a round of "Name that mood!"

My entry for the Round Robin "MOODS" Check out the other great pictures.

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The rest of the story

Sunday morning came. Brook and I left for church. Pat was on the phone with his mama. He had called her to let her know that we would be up there after  I got home.

I got home and recieve the news that we would not be going up there. At least not yet.... It turns out that his druggie sister was up there and his mama told him not to come! His mother begged for some time with her.This was upsetting for Pat.

He feels that this sister has tried to kill his mother. She steals her medicines and money. Lies to her, chain smokes cigarettes, blames her for everything that has gone wrong in her life. She is 50 something years old and refuses to take responsibility for HER choices in life. Refuses to see how her actions are the reason she is the way she is. Blames her mother because HER daughter decided to do drugs which caused her to fall asleep at the wheel of a car,thereby killing herself and putting 3 children in danger. Yes that is right. 3 children were in the car that rolled and flipped for over 100 feet. They came out of it with a few scratches but also with the memory of seeing their birth mother die (for 2 of them).

As evening neared Pat became increasingly agitated. He was worried about his mother. He called up there and recived no answer. Finally I could not take it anymore and told him to go up there to her. He did go taking her a plate of food. He could not get J outside after he got up there. He did not want to get into anything with her in front of his mother and upset her. His mama told him that J was going to stay the night and go home on Monday. Pat left and came home.

Monday morning I call and check on her to remind her to take her meds. I asked her about breakfast. She is eatting crackers, her stomach is upset. Funny., her stomach was never upset while she was down here...... J is still there. Supposed to leave that afternoon.

Pat ghoes by his mama on his way to work to take her a plate. Turns out that all of the bisquits were gone and the pot pie I had made. J had eatten them. Her mama had had fried potatoes, nothing else. Said her mama told her to eat it. Selfish, only thinking of herself. J leaves that evening.

I call later on to let her know that I would be up there in the morning to take her to the storeand guess what? She refused. Said J would be coming by later on Tuesday to take her. Well now the cycle is set. The druggie is once again getting her fix from her mama. Setting her up to move back in and destroy everything again.

Yea they say love is blind. It must be. J is partly right, her mother is to blame. She enables her, all in the name of love. Pat wants to wash his hands of the matter. He keeps saying, she will kill her this time. He can't save his mama from herself. She refuses to let go. The cycle begins again. Pat makes himself sick worrying about the things he cannot change. Me? I will call her every morning and ask her about the pills. I will take her to the doctors.  I will not go in her house as long as that person is there.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Happy news

I am happy to report that Brook had her casts removed today! She was so cute. She would not relax her arms or hands. I think she was afraid of hurting herself. After we got home first thing she did was get in the pool! Well she relaxed her arms then! The doctor did stress to her about all kinds of things she is not to do for the next 6 weeks, no trampoline, rollerblades or skates, no bikes, no skateboards or scooters and no contact sports. She can do her Tae Kwon Do but no contact. They do not do much contact right now anyway. Oh yea and no breaking boards with her hands.

Thru Satruday

Friday dawns as whiffs of smoke drift through the air. Pat has already left for work, this was his first shift day. Right away my head starts pounding. I know that today will be stressful. First thing, "where's Pat? I am ready to go home." I explain to her that Pat was at work to no avail. She says he knows I want to go home. I throw my hands up and just ignore. I make my cup of hot tea and her coffee and set about cooking breakfast. As the day goes on she is getting more impatience. She refuses to eat lunch and chooses to drink a coke instead. Finally my soaps come on and I watch them. Of course they are different than hers. Her does come on at a different time. After a while she goes to bed for a nap. My soaps end and Brook changes TV to PBS. Hazel comes in and says I wish I could watch my damn show. Brook gets up and puts Hazel's show on with no prompting, very big of her. I was proud of her. She was watching one of her favorite shows. There was only 15 minutes left of the soap.

It is almost 5pm and Pat calls. He is on his way home. I make the crust for the chicken pot pies, I had cooked the stuffing for it earlier. It is one of our favorite meals. He gets home and the pies are almost ready. He falls asleep on the couch. I do not know how he could do that with his mama harping on. I know he is tired. He has been up since 5am. That is hard on someone that normally works second shift.

Dinner is done and we eat. Now we load up the rest of her stuff and take it up there. When we get there a neighbor stops and tells us that the AC unit was making funny noises. O boy. We go in and the house is not cold like it should be. Out comes the fans. We check the unit and it is hot. We cannot convince her to go home with us again. She stays there. A repaiman has been called and he will be out on Saturday.

We head home. Breathing  fresh air. LOL We stop at Sonic and order ice cream!

Satruday comes and I call and make sure she takes her medicine. I ask her if she has eatten. She says she has had some crackers. I fixed her several bisquits and sausages and put them in her fridge. All she has to do is reheat them in microwave. I also made her a pot pie and that is all she needs to do. Thru out the day I called and kept getting the same responce. Pat stops by after work and took her some doughnuts.(She was mad at me because Thursday at the doctor, she made the remark that she liked doughnuts. After we get home she is grippy because I did not stop and get her any! She said that she told me she wanted some. No she never did. I have to watch my sugar intake and it is dangerous to bring them into my house. I will eat them all!) Everything seemed fine, the repairman had not been there yet. The house was fairly cool as the sun had not been out much that day. Pat left and came home.

The repairman finaly came and it only cost $45!


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Up thru Thursday

Monday I called the doctore to make an appointment for Hazel. The earliest appointment I could get was on Thursday. She argued about that telling me that she did not need to go. She has a place on her arm. A rather nasty looking place. It was a raised up place colored red and black with a bit of white crust on it. It is about an inch and half across, an uneven circle shape. She kept saying it was a boil from where she scratched herself about a week before. I know that it is not. It is not fluid filled, it has a blood supply. LOL anyway now I have to listen as to why she does not need to go to a doctor for it. Her old doctor refuses to see her anymore. Probably because of her dependency on pain pills and non-compliancy to doctor's orders. I am amazed that she is still alive.

"Pat knows I want him to take me home." "Why don't you have any damn bobby pins?" "Where's Candy? She can take me home." "I wish you had a car." " I want to go home." "When will Candy be home?" "Call C, she will come get me." "J was good to me. She has a good heart." "Why don't you have any cookies?" On and on it goes. I never realized just how much patience I had LOL.

Minute by minute time marches on. Monday rolls into Tuesday, Tuesday becomes Wednesday. She insists that the power is on at her house. The power board said Thursday power will be turned on. She wants to eat what I do not have. She snacks all the time on stuff I do not buy~ sliced cheese, doughnuts, candy bars, crackers, chips, cookies. She wants hamburgers all the time. I rarely have hamburgers in my house. Everyday I ask her what she wants for lunch, everyday she says a hamburger. Everyday I explain that we do not have any, that I rarely cook them because of our health. Makes no difference. Sometimes it is like caring for a child. I believe that there is some dementia involved also. She does have some carotid artery blockage and a family history of Alzheimers.

Thursday has rolled around and I am at walmart at 6:30 AM buying groceries. This is going to be a busy day for me. I get home in time to cook breakfast and get the groceries put up and then off we go to take her to the doctor. We get there and fill out new patient paperwork and start waiting. Finally almost an hour and half past our appointment time we get called back. Once back there the nurse checks vitals and looks at place on arm. The doctor comes in about 5 minutes later. It was a long 5 minutes! She is complaining that she does not need to be here and she is cold and what is taking him so long. LOL I had always waited longer than 5 minutes in the exam room for the doctor. He comes in and asks what is wrong. I tell him what we are there for, new prescriptions and the place on her arm. The whole time Hazel is just saying all you have to do is just drain it and I can go home. ARGGGGGG He listens to her breathing and neck and looks at her arm. He then puts gloves on and starts messing with the place. He asks questions about it. She insisted it was just an infection. He asid no. I need to send you to plastic surgeon and have that removed. He tried to tell her that it was probably a skin cancer and need to be removed. She said no it was not. Cancer does not grow like that. It was just a place she scratched off. We tried to explain to her that cancer can grow fast like that if it has been disturbed.

So anyway, she now has an appointment on the 28th to see surgeon. She will be expecting him to take it off right away. More than likely he will have her come back for office surgery or have it done in day surgery. It is large and does have blood supply.

Thursday evening rolls around and she is whining about going home. We agree to take her there. The house is hot when we get there. We turn on everything and she gets to see just how bad her daughter trashed the place. She gets upset at how bad it is. But instead of blaming who did it, she goes on about how she cannot believe that she left the place like that! I get busy cleaning. There is mildew everywhere. I vacuum and wash dishes. I clean out the refrigerator which was nasty. Sweat is rolling down my spine, my hair is sticking to my neck, it is hot! I slowly cleaned the freezer, allowing the frigid air to blow in my face. Finally I  give out. I am hot, tired and hungry. We convinced Hazel to come back home with us, at least for the night.

Friday, July 15, 2005

The next day and more

The next day, my nose woke me up. I had forgotten what it was like to have a smoker in the house. My daughter smokes but goes outside. Hazel is an early riser. So I get up and fix a pot of coffee( after I fix my tea!) I get breakfast cooked as everyone straggled into the living room and kitchen. Breakfast was a good affair. I made blueberry pancakes, sausage and eggs. Not greasy eggs! LOL I have a pan that I do not need to oil up! Now the fun begins. This woman wants to go home. We did manage to convince her to stay with us. Taking it one day at a time.
Let me give a little background health wise, on Hazel. She is 78 years old. She has COPD.(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) About 3 years ago she had a double bi-pass surgery on her heart, she needed a Quad. They were barely able to do the double. She was in the hospital much longer than the normal period of time as they had trouble getting her off vent. She has high-blood pressure and anxiety attacks. She has had cararact surgery. She also has macular degeneration. She is virtually blind. She only has peripheral vision.
Sunday was not a pleasant day. All day long she moaned about going home and finding J, the drug addict, to come stay with her. Talking about how good she was to her. She is totally blind to the fact that J does not care for her mama and only uses her for her money and pills. We were able to convince her to give us $100 in addition to the $100 I found. We cannot convice her to open up a bank account.
On Monday, she raised such a fit to take her stuff home that Pat took her and some on her stuff home. They went to the electric board to get the power back on. He then took her home and she was mad because it was a mess. I did not want to clean it before she got home because I wanted her to see what her precious daughter did. I did dispose of the drug stuff that had been left in there. She got mad again because he refused to leave her there.

Part 3

So we get headed down the road back down to Georgia and Hazel tells us she has not eatten breakfast. we are driving down a country road with pretty much no towns before we hit Indianapolis. Luckily we came to a small town that had a restruant in it that was serving breakfast. In we go and we all ordered a country breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, toast and gravy. Our plates were brought out and I was surprised. I had forgotten that up where we were it was common for the gravy to be put on the hashbrowns. That was no problem, I was hungry and ate it anyway. After breakfast was over H insisted on paying for it. She pulled out her money and gave Pat a 100 dollar bill. He gave it back and said that it was too much. She thought that it was a ten she had given him. So she fumbled with the money and finially decided that she was giving him a ten, it was a twenty. LOL Little did she realize that breakfast was $25! She actually thought that $10 would cover it. Everyone got up to leave and I saw something fall from her lap. They left the place and I went around to the other side of the table and there on the floor was the $100 bill. I picked it up and placed it in my pocket book. Back on the road again and with H chain smoking. Soon we were stopping often. I had forgotten what a greasy meal does to my stomach. Finally we are on the big road hammering down headed home. Of course there were a couple more stops along the way. Finally on the other side of Louisville I started feeling better and I took over driving about an hour away from Nashville. I tell you that is not the prefered way to lose weight! When we got to Monteagle I felt well enough to eat. We stopped and I told Pat about the money. He was upset about it, not that I had it, with his mother. Another hour and a half and we were home. At once the gripping started, she wanted us to take her to her home, no matter there was no electric on or phone. Then she started gripping that her stuff was outside and she wanted it taken to her house. She was working herself up into a real tizzy. Pat and I carried her stuff in the house and put it into Candy's room. That apeased her for a while. Finally she went to bed. That ended the trip. Praise be!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I am catching up! I had over 400 alerts. Have patience with me. I am reading, crying, laughing, agreeing and dis agreeing with what I read. Just not commenting a lot. Love you all!

Part 2

Well on with my story. We got to Pat's sister's house and went in their house.  I was shocked when I walked in their house. It smelled like a kennel. Come to find out that they have 2 large dogs that live in the house, dogs that do not get regular baths. Not only that, Pat and I do not smoke and they smoke stacks. Pat and I were tired and hungry. So we went back to town and got some food to go at a Chinese place. We decided to stay in town at a motel rather than go back to the house. The decision was made because, I am afraid of large dogs and these were not friendly dogs. They were not willing to allow the dogs to sleep on the enclosed porch or the very large laundry room(which was the largest room in the house). So it really made our decision easy. Next morning we get a call bright and early to come out to the house. hazel's stuff was packed and we got busy loading the truck. Finally we got that done and off we go. We had to stop by the bank and get her money, which started another triade. V. gave Hazel the money and first thing she started gripping. She was complaining that there was not enough money. What she refuses to realize is that V had to catch up all the bills. The daughter that was staying with her before she left had not paid any of the bills. She was pocketing the money and spending it on drugs and stuff. Hazel was insisting that the bills had been paid. The bills totaled 100's of dollars, in addition to paying several hundred dollars for medicine. So now we are off on a long trip on a really good note.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The trip~Part1

Last Thursday, Pat and I went to Indiana to pick up his mother. The trip up there was so good. I drove the first leg of the journey, thru the state of Tennessee over the Rock (Monteagle Mountain) and thru Music Town( Nashville). Into Kentucky we went. At the Welcome Center we switched out. Lovely state, Kentucky is. Hills and horses, cows and corn. A lot to see as we looked out the window. We took a side trip to Jim Beam's and took the tour. It was neat.  We got there at lunch time hoping there was a picnic area there. Not a table in sight. So anyway off we went on the tour. First stop was Jim Beam's house. It was a lovely old house full of antiques.  Next stop on the tour was the bar where a nice young lady was giving out free samples of Jim Beam.  Of course, it is hard for me to resist free anything!  Seeing as how I very rarely drink, and we had not had lunch.... I was tipsy right off the bat! After enjoying the shots , off we went to finish the tour. There was an old fire engine and a hooper shop. There was an old still and lots of warehouses the store the booze. After that we went to a research forest that was up the road and found a picnic table and ate lunch. After a couple hours we headed on our way. Next stop was Louisville, KY where we saw some beautiful sights.  After that Indiana was in our sights. What a differnece! Mile after mile of corn!  No hills, no nothing, just corn with some soybeans thrown in. Then into Indianapolis   . Almost there to the end of the first leg. Fatigue is setting in and so is rush hour traffic. Finally we get to the small bump in the road that we are heading to, Lucerne..... Stay tuned for Part 2........

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I got back late Friday evening from picking up my mother-in-law. Things have been dramatic here so I will catch everyone up later when I am by myself.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

And we are off to Lucerne, Indiana, in the rain. Pray for us.

Leaving soon

I will be leaving in a couple of hours. I promixe to catch up when I get back. We will be gone for 4-5 days. At least that is the plan. Indiana here I come! I will be about 90 miles from Gary Indiana. Take care all!

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Round Robin-Summer

The Round Robin subject this time around is summer. Summer to me is picking in my garden. This is one of my very favorite things to pick and eat straight from the garden, squash.

Summer has another meaning also, weeds. Here is one waiting for just the right moment to burst into bloom

Here is my lady holding her honeysuckle bouquet.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005


I am having trouble sleeping tonight.  Been awhile since I had a sleepless night.Things are a bit high tension around here right now.There is stuff going on that I am not ready to talk about and there is stuff going on that I am ready to talk about.

Thursday, Pat and I leave for Indiana to pick up his mother. She will be staying with us until all the utilities are turned back on at her house. Then I will have to go there and clean it up. Her daughter kind of trashed the place and of course no one else in the family can see beyond their own ass to do anything about it. After she gets back home, I will be cooking her meals and taking them to her. She has a daughter that lives a block away that does nothing except take from her. This family is so dyfunctional that if I wrote everything I know about them, no one would believe it.

I will do what the daughters should do. I will bite my tongue once again when members of that family trashtalk me. I will endure the abuse that I will get. I will not allow her to go hungry or live in filth. At least not while she is alone. If daughter J starts coming back around..................

I will only be able to take so much. I do have a breaking point. Unfortunately, my breaking point causes me to meltdown and I start destroying my life. I do not handle emotional stress good. I used to run away in the past. I am 46 years old now and have no where to run to now. Sometimes I do wish I did not exist. Don't worry. That does not mean I have suicidal thoughts.


Monday, July 4, 2005


Happy 4th of July

Enjoy the day and stay safe!

Be catching up with everyone as soon as I can. Will be running around a chicken with it's head cut off for the next couple days. More on this later!

Sunday, July 3, 2005

I was looking back trying to remember when Buddy was born. He was born the same day I started my journal, April 15, 2004. We thought he was a Bunny until he developed some little things that are now missing! LOL


I forgot to tell you what I had to do yesterday. I had to take care of my Buddy. He was hurt and I had to take him to the vet. His poor face was swollen up on one side and he had blood coming out of his eyes and nose. I could see a place on the side of his face. I just knew he had been shot with a pellet rifle or something. I was afraid that he would lose his eye. That was his good eye. The other one is crossed. I got him to the vet and he did ok until they tried to take his temp! He went nuts! Poor thing. He had a 105 temp. Well the vet checked him out and said that he had been bit by a cat. I was relieved to here that. Next he said that he needed to be sedated so he could lance the place so it could drain. I popped up and asked well can he get fixed at the same time. He said I was just going to ask you that. So my Buddy goes in with a sore face and comes out hurting all over. He has forgiven me except when I have to give him his medicine. He is still having trouble walking. His balance is a bit off, he is walking stiff legged. Poor baby.

Saturday, July 2, 2005


      I did my part yesterday. Gave up the red stuff. Now on to the fun stuff.
       Brook had a demo yesterday at the Freedom Festival. The Freedom Festival is what our town does to celebrate the Fourth of July. Every year on the Friday before the 4th we have a small gathering at the town's Rec center. A lot of churches and other organizations and individuals set up boothes and sell food and other stuff. There were several games also. The pool and rec center were open. There was free swimming and the rec center was open also. A live band played. They were pretty good too! Played a good variety of music. All around chairs were set up. Friends and family wandered around taking in the sights, talking and eatting.  Young teens and older teens were walking the walk checking out who was there. Squealing and running up to see someone they have not seen since school was out, or maybe just the day before! Children were running around everywhere. One of the joys of small town living is everybody knows somebody or somebody's neighbor or cousin. LOL Even with all the publicity about drugs and child molesters people still felt safe enough to let their kids run ahead of them. The excitement was building as dark settled in. People were settling down waiting for the main event. Laughter filled the air along with a few sleepy cries. Just behind the eighteenth hole on the golf course, rockets flew into the air bursting overhead in a colorful display of lights. For the next 20 minutes booms and smoke filled the air. Voices raised up in cheers when  a particular pretty one was shown. The Star Spangled Banner was playing as the grand finiale burst in the air. Boom after boom, children and adults standing with their ears covered or cheering the sounds and sights. 

          What a good day it was.

               Backgrounds by Marie

Friday, July 1, 2005

something to do

Today is going to be a busy day! I will fill you in on it later. Right now I want to talk to you about something important. Here in the States we will be celebrating the Fourth of July this weekend. That means a lot of loud noises, cookouts, family get-togethers, drinking and just having a good ole time. It is also a time when there are a lot of accidents. The blood bank near you needs help. A lot of blood and plasma is usually used during this time and the blood supply will run low. Help save a life and go give blood today. It could save the life of someone you know. I will be doing my part today. I am going this morning to give blood.