Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Another day

Today has been a do nothing day for me. I should be doing but I choosed not to. Just feeling lazy I guess. I did get out and weed in the small garden and tilled for about an hour in the big garden this morning. Cook pancakes for breakfast afterwards. Then played on POGO , read journals, shocked the pool, vacuumed some, did a load of laundry, cooked dinner with the squash I picked this morning. This evening I tilled some more in the garden. I till to help with weed control. When you have a garden my size it is impossoible to pull weeds.I would be doing it all day long! I do try to keep the weeds from choking the plants with the exception of the corn. So there are days when I get out there and sweat and break my back pulling them from under the plants. A real good time to do it is when I am mad about something or hurting.

Candiac got some good news today. She was hired by Ruby Tuesday. They will work around her school classes. Cracker Barrel has called and offered apologies. Big deal. I will not go there again.

Off to POGO again. BYE now.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Pat says thank you for all the notes of concern. His eye feels much better today. It appears to be healing well.

I forgot to mention that Thursday Brook had to get another cast. This time she picked pink. Her cast broke and was slipping on her arm. Did I tell you that she had 4 breaks in her left wrist and 2 in her right?

She passed her belt test. She is now a blue belt. He did make concessions. She did not have to actually throw her opponent just go thru the motions.

My garden is starting to produce food now. I have little yellow squash and green tomatoes. The corn is knee high and beans and okra plants are all over the place. Lets see, I have 4 rows of corn, 2 rows of okra, 2 of green beans, 2 of crowder peas, and 1 of lima beans. The rows are all 100 feet long. I also have a watermelon plant. Hopefully I will have some late season melons.

I have been reading all of the one word descriptions of me and I was speechless. I want to thank each and everyone that responded. I have made a list of all the words and have placed it where I will always see them. They are very encouraging.

I am off to check journals. I am reading even if I do not comment everytime.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Catch up

Yesterday was a topsy turvy day. For some reason Pat and I were at odds. I hate days like that. Makes my contacts sticky. The day got worse for Pat. He had something get in his eye at work and called me. I told him to go to ER and make sure nothing was still in it. He did and nothing was still there. The Doc did say he had cornea abrasions. I knew that. It hurts a great deal. He gave him some drops and told him to follow up in 2 days with his doc if it is not better. Usually they heal in about 2 days . This morning his eye is still burning and hurting. Both eyes are red and watery. I hope that they heal fast. I know from personal experience that these things HURT!

Brook will be taking her belt test tonight. She is going for her blue belt. The progression will slow down now. It will take much longer between times to get the higher belts. It will take about 2 years from this point to get her black belt. That is, if she works on it. It will be lots harder from here on out. Yes, I will take pictures. LOL.

Well gotta go. I am sorry if I missed out on any journal entries. I got a bit overwhelmed and deleted alerts. I am catching up though.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tess joins us in the Round Robin. Click her link to see her photos. FirstDigitalPhotos

Wednesday, June 22, 2005



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Round Robin

Now if this is not one fine week for Round Robin, I will eat my hat.



Cliche' is the theme for this week. I had been looking all week for something and here on the last day Belle helped me out. I was outside looking around and she decided to eat my hat!

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My daughter

I had to wait to post this because I was so angry.

As many of you know my daughter is a convicted felon. She is working hard to bring herself above that. Today she recieved a major kick in the teeth and I reacted like a mama bear. Yesterday (Monday)she went to Cracker Barrel and placed an application there for employment. The manager looked at her application and set up an interview for her the next day(Tuesday). She was excited about it as this was the first place she had applied for. This morning when she arrived for her interview she was told that it is company policy that they do not hire covicted felons. This is where I get mad. My daughter called me crying her heart out. How can they sey up an appointment for an interview and then do that to her? On the first page of the application is a big box that asks about felony convictions, she was honest and checked it. How could they overlook that when he looked over her application? Second, it was the first thing he said to her when she came in the door. So he knew this, so if he did somehow miss it the first time he looked at application, then why not call and cancel the interview? This was cruel. As soon as she told me I was on the phone to Cracker Barrell national headquarters and lodged a complaint about that. Not the fact that they do not hire convicted felons, but they way that manager went about it. With Cracker Barrel's reputation for discrimination, you would think that they WOULD NOT say something like that.

My little girl is fighting to rise above her past. She is enrolled in school full time, making new, clean friends. This is why so many go back to the bad life. People kick them in the teeth, judging them. Believing that once they have screwed up they will always be that way. No one promised that life would be easy or fair, but be upfront from the start. Don't be cruel.

I need to go to bed. I am getting upset once again.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Monday, June 20, 2005


It's coming!

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction of being loved for yourself, or, more correctly, being loved in spite of yourself.

-Victor Hugo


We had a quiet day yesterday. The girls had spent the night elsewhere and we slept in. I am not used to that. It has been so long since I slept that late that I was at ends all morning. I got breakfast cooked and then we did a bit of stuff outside. Rode the mower some and tilled in the garden some. Pat fiddle farted around looking at stuff. He was supposed to be changing the grinder wheel but that never happened. He was also supposed to be putting a new alternator on the tractor, but that did not happen either. It was his day so I did not nag him about it. The girls came home around 6 and Candiac grilled some steaks that she had bought for Pat's Father's Day dinner. After dinner, we all went down in the garden and planted some okra. Afterwards, I tilled some more. Pat and I then walked around a bit looking over things. We looked at all the pink fluffy clouds in the sky. It was strange,one large pink cloud looked like it was blurry and out of focus. Pat noticed it and made a comment on it. To me it looked like someone made a goof and tried to edit it but all they did was smudge it. So there was this very large pink smudge in the sky. Pat turns to me and asked,"Do you really like it here?" I looked around at all the stuff that needed doing. I looked at all that we had. I thought of what I wanted to have and what I wanted it to look like. I looked at what we have and what it looked like.  I could honestly answer him that I could not imagine living anywhere else. This is home. As the darkness settled around us we went back inside. In front of the computer screen was a gift. Pat saw it and just like a little boy bounced over to unwrap it. Inside were the set of foglights that he wanted. His eyes lit up so bright that if there had been any fog he would not have needed lights! So ended a quiet and peaceful Father's Day.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Have you ever seen a toe fight? I have now. Brook was laying on the couch watching TV and the next thing I know I am hearing grunting and kiaying. I look over at her just in time to hear TOE FIGHT! She had blown up a balloon and put it on her big toe and was hitting her toes on her other foot. Did not have time to grag camera, she saw me looking and snatched the balloon off. Kids. So silly!


I got this quiz from a private journal I read. Thought it was pretty good.


In your eyes, people see life... You see yourself
as just an average person! You enjoy life, love
wildlife, but also enjoy time with those who
know you best. You like to get outdoors and let
your mind wander over all of the mysteries god
gave to you. You don't really have a certain
sanctuary because you're so well-rounded, but
you like having fun and adventures, but can
also be found sitting quietly about, reading a
book. You have a pretty good life ahead of you,
never trade it for anything else :)

What Lies Behind Your Eyes?
brought to you by Quizilla

Friday, June 17, 2005

P.S. Pat baked the cake too!

Cute picture of the day

My little sweetie got up and went right back to sleep. Sebastian curled up with her. He has been sleeping on that blanket since he was a kitten. This blanket was made for Candiac when she was about 3 years old by my mother's neighbor.

I'm ok

Everything is going pretty good. Brook has adapted fairly well to having casts on both her arms. I get a few funny looks when some people see them. Come on people, I did not just allow this to happen.

Last night she had TaeKwonDo. Everything was going real well. She worked on her form while the rest of the class worked on numchuks. Later they were doing running and jumping kicks. Brook is not supposed to do those so she was doing the standing kicks. Well that child decided that one heart attack this week was not enough. She attempted a running side kick and hit the floor. It took everything I had to not run out on the floor and get her. All I could do was cover my mouth and turn my head. The tears came though. A couple of the other mothers knew what I was going thru and was comforting me, reassuring me that she was fine. Everytime I think of it I tear up. I know I cannot protect her all the time. All I want to do is wrap her up and hold her forever and never let anything or anyone hurt her. I know I have to let her go and go her way. All I can do is hold my arms out for her to run to them if she needs them.


Now on to other topics. I come home last night to a big surprise! My darling had decided to try his hand at something new. Introducing the newest baker in my household  Isn't he cute? In true baker tradition, he got icing everywhere! Somehow he got it on his boots! The cake turned out pretty good. Had a few large air bubble pockets in it but that was nothing. Now there is no stopping him! If he gets a sweet tooth craving he may just very well bake his own cake!


In other news. Susie was in labor all day yesterday. She followed me around and laid on my foot all day. Pat called me when I was on my way to Taekwondo and told me that Susie was panicking. She was going all over the house looking for me. I no sooner got home and she came and rubbed on me and then went under the bed to deliver her babies.  I looked in on her about midnight and she started purring. She was still having babies then. She was so big! Not sure how many but I predict 5! This will be her last litter.


I tell you when it rains it pours. First Brook breaks both wrists, then Candiac's alternator goes out in her car. Next she gets fired because all she wants is to work. She does not want to be in charge of a crew. Next she breaks her toe when she stubs it. Now yesterday, I get attacked by a cat and get a bad place where the teeth went in(no rabies, just a vicious cat.) Next the string breaks on my tiller and I cannot seem to get it on there right again. Now the alternator goes out on the tractor after just replacing the battery! This week is almost over, right?


Ok, so tonight Brook is going to Movie Night at TaeKwonDo. I have to  pick her up by midnight. She is looking forward to that and so am I! I think I need a break.

That is it for now. Gonna drink some more tea then go feed the animals, fix the tiller, clean the pool, go grocery shopping, go to library, wash clothes................ Dang I think I might go back to bed!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Why is it as I get older times seems to go faster? Some days it seems that I am no sooner out of bed when it is time to go back to bed. I guess that is better than wondering when the day will ever end.

I looked at the calendar today and realized that in 2 weeks we will be halfway to another new year. In 4 weeks school starts for Candiac. She becomes a brand new college freshman. In 6 weeks Brook starts second grade. Right about the time she starts school I will be harvesting my corn.

It is summertime. Why do they call them the lazy days of summer? Busy days of summer. Indoor work, outdoor work, entertaining bored kid that I can't tell go jump in the pool! Time is SLOW for her.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. -Bill Cosby

Sunday, June 12, 2005

That child is determined to give me a heart attack. Just sitting on the porch and next thing I know, I see her rolling in the air hitting the ground under Crystal's feet! I said a few choice words as I jumped down to her. I just knew she was going to be hurt. How she kept from landing on her arms again or getting stepped ,I don't know. The Lord is definitely watching out for her. Heart be still. We will make it thru childhood.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saturday Six

  Click picture to go to Patrick's Place. Now for the Saturday Six..

1. When was the last time you looked your significant other in the eye and told him or her how much they mean to you?

I tell him I love him everyday. Last Sunday we were out somewhere and I found a little candle pot that had a saying on it. I showed it to him and told him that this was how I felt. It said,"If I had to do it over again, I would still choose you."

2. Which business do you have the longest continuous relationship with:  your bank, your auto insurance provider, your home telephone provider, your cellular phone provider, or your cable company?  How long have you been with them?

That would be my bank. I have been with them for 12 years.

3. What is the most embarrassing question you've ever been asked?

I honestly cannot think of anything.

4. You have the ability to snap your fingers and be instantly transported to one of three places whenever you wish to go there.  Which three places would you select as your destinations?

The first would have to involve time travel, I would like to go back to age 5 to my childhood home. The second would be the Rockies. The third would be my farm.

5. Last week, the Reader's Choice question asked you to identify your favorite movie line.  Later this month, the American Film Institute will list the 100 Greatest Movie Lines of all time.  Which one do you expect to win?

" Frankly, my dear I don't give a damn"

6. You are given the gift of an original oil painting by any famous artist.  What painting would you choose and why?

Any of Judith *Heartsong's. I find her paintings to be so revealing and heartmoving.

*editted. I earlier said Lightheart. Probably because I always think of light when I think of her!

Friday, June 10, 2005


Here is Brook after receiving a care package today from a fellow J-Lander Rachel of LifeNStuff. Look at that face! She found GOLDFISH in the box. LOL She loves Goldfish! She was going thru that box like it was a treasure chest!   Notice the 2 different colors on the casts? Her Papaw's and Mama's favorite colors. She was a great kid while they put them on. I could see the pain on her face but not once did she say it hurt even when asked. The doctor said she can do TaeKwonDo but no sparring. Master Lee said she can take her belt test as long as she took it easy. Right now it hurts if she moves her arms too fast.   She said to say thank you for all the get wells she has received.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Good housekeeping tip

   Good Housekeeping tip...
   Always keep several get well cards on the mantel; if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you've been sick and unable to clean.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

2463 events blocked by my firewall today. How did yours do?


This is Crystal. This picture shows off her crystal blue eyes. Shows off that little black fly too!


Think this qualifies for the round robin about Crystal?




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MOre bad

The hospital just called and gave me bad news. It turns out that Brook has both of her wrists broken. We are waiting on the doctor to call back and tell us when to go in to see Ortho doctor. Poor thing. It really messes up her summer. She will not be able to do anything with 2 casts on, if that is what they are going to do. She is most upset about missing her belt test this month. She was going for her blue belt. Only 3 of the 7 that tested with her are going up this time. Master Lee may make some concessions for her limitations. We will see. What a way to end her first year in taekwondo.

The doctor's office just called and Brook has an appointment Friday morning.

The judge had no problem letting me off of jury duty. The pay has gone up. It is now $25 a day here.

The day camp refunded me all of the money I paid including the non refundable part. Afraid I will sue? I won't. It was not their fault she was hurt. I think they will be more careful next time though when a child falls.

Now I have to come up with fun things to do with both arms in casts. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

My baby

My sweetie.

The rest of the day---BAD

Well I went and picked up Brook from day camp and things went downhill from there. Brook had fallen and hurt herself. They took precautions for a possible head injury but that was not the problem. She was complaining about her hands hurting. Only that was not it either. What was hurting was her wrists! Apparently she caught herself when she tripped. She was in enough pain and it was very plain to me that it was not her fake act. So off to the doctor we go. Her doctor's office is only a few minutes away from camp. In we go and I started getting worried. She was starting to get blotchy! Well the doctor looked her over good and drew some blood to check her blood count. He determined that she had Fifth Disease. Her poor face looks like someone has slapped her hard! That was not all. He sent us to the ER for x-rays of her wrists. The x-rays did not reveal any breaks. The doctor said that with children her age that unless the bone was actually separated from itself that sometimes they cannot be seen. The growth plates and bones in children do not always show breaks. He said the level of pain in her left wrist indicates a serious enough injury to be splinted. He would rather err on the side of caution. So on her left arm she was a splint that some people would call a temporary cast and her right arm has a velcro splint on it, looks like a brace. Unlike some doctors, he prescribed real pain medicine for her, tylenol with codine. She is sleeping now.

So tomorrow when I go to court, I will try to get dismissed from duty the rest of the week.


Well today started out good. I woke up before the alarm went off. Not a bad thing because it was only about 15 minutes early. I fixed me a cup of tea and stepped outside to look at the fog. I came back inside and read a few journals then got Brook up. No problems getting her going today! She had laid out her clothes last night before going to bed. No foot stomping or anything today. After taking her to day camp I walked 1  mile around the track. I did not want to do anymore than that because I really did not want to go to court all sweaty! I walked in sandals. I think I will take my tennis shoes with me tomorrow. Got to court, and it was just as full today as it was yesterday. Once again I was sent across the street to the small courtroom. Today the courtroom was freezing! Today the case was 5 counts of drug stuff. When questions were asked today I had to raise my hand when it came to the question of a family member and drug crimes. As quite a few people know, my daughter served time for drugs in a federal prison. So when they started calling jurors I was excused. I will probably be excused from all drug trials. I have no idea what cases are coming up. I just know it is going to be a long week! Lucky for me I do not have to be there until 1 PM tomorrow. I still have to get up early to take Brook to day camp but the rest of the morning is free!
Well that's it for now. It is almost time to go get Brook. I will be reading some more later. Please forgive it I do not comment much this week.

Monday, June 6, 2005


Well back from jury duty day 1.

The day started off simple enough. Get up, get Brook up, wash bathing suit(Brook's), take goat out, feed cats and dogs. Yes, I said dogs. We have acquired another dog temporary. Someone dumped a puppy out on us last night. She cannot stay here. I hate when people do that. So now I am waiting for animal control to come get her. I have it in the goat's pen. (The other dog has not been back. I hope it stays away!) Anyway Brook and I left. I took her to day camp. It is held at the city's recreation center. Took her in and kissed her bye and then I left for court. I have been dreading this. I do not do good trying to hear someone accross a crowded room. The judge arrived about 30 minutes late into the courtroom. A few people were dismissed from serving. I was not one one them. I tried LOL. For once I tried to use my hearing impairment to get out of something. It did not work. There was a guy in a wheelchair that was not dismissed either. They called a list of names to go across the street to the little coutroom and I was in that list. The case was a shoplifter at Walmart. I did not get picked. The last juror to be picked was right next to me! So back across the street into the big courtroom where jurors were being picked for a child molestion trial. 112 counts of child molestation, child porn, and child endangerment. I would not have been on that one! That was one case where I could not honestly say that I could be fair and not prejudge. 112 counts. I could not look at him and not judge him. 112 counts. To me, if there is that many counts there is bound to be truth in it. So let me get past that. At lunch time the judge told those of us that were not in that jury pool to go home and come back tomorrow. I have to go all week. They will pay me for my time. LOL Let's see. $55 for day camp, $42 dollars to fill up my van with gas. Nope, I think I lost out on this deal,$5 a day does not quite cover it. But I am doing my civic duty.

Day camp, Brook had a great time. She made a suncatcher and painted some pictures. She played kickball and ran races. Maybe I should say WON races! She is fast just like her mama was. Her mama ran track back in middle school. She was pretty good. Won a few blue ribbons. I ran track in high school. I ran hurdles and did shot put and discus. LOL I got honorable mentions! LOL

We are home for now. Doing dishes and clothes, cooking dinner and getting ready for TaeKwonDo. Busy busy week ahead for me.

 Oh yes. I have been doing my walking. Everyday. This week I will be walking on the track after I let Brook out. That is what I did this morning. Ok now off I go to catch up some on journals and finish my stuff before leaving out again.


This weekend went by in a whrill. Brook had a friend spend the weekend with her. Lesson learned(I hope) Never have two dominating 7 year old females together for a whole weekend. I am surprised that I have any hair left. These two argued about everything. They rarely wanted to do the same thing. Once they were playing with Brook's Bratz dolls. Overheard was the statement made by Brook,"I put those clothes on her for a reason!"
Saturday I tortured them. I hauled their little hinnies around looking at yard sales. This did not please them. For once, they were in accord with each other.

Well time for me to go. More later.

Jury duty starts today. FUN FUN FUN

Sunday, June 5, 2005

I know I have not written in several days. I will be updating later today. I have journals to catch up on and writing to do!

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Day 1

I was not sure if I would be able to walk any today. It was raining when I got up. I did get to walk some though. It let up to a light mist and I walked down the driveway and back. I know. That is not much of a walk. It does measure 1/4 mile round trip. By the time I got back it was raining again. Off and on all day it has done that. Makes for aching back and joints. Oh well , I will live with it.

The dog did not show up last night. Thank goodness! If it is bothering me, it is bound to be bothering other people.

Been doing a bit of cleaning today. Cleaned the carpet right here in front of the computer. Boy was that water dirty! Did some laundry, washed dishes and vacuumed. I also cleaned the glass on the inside of my front door. Could not do the outside because of the rain. I have a box sitting in front of the birdcage that I need to take to Goodwill. Did a 27 fling today and gathered up a few (27)things to get rid of.

I keep piddling over to the fridge looking for something to eat. I am by myself nad hungry. I don't have any milk and it seems everything I want to make needs milk! I really do not want to get out in this weather just for milk! I will figure out something to eat. Lucky for me the sweets are not here!

Brook is spending the night with a friend. Friday and Saturday she will have one spend the night with her. I am not sure I am ready for this!!!

Well back to the laundry room and kitchen.....