Thursday, August 5, 2004

Once again

Back to situation normal. I am once again the mean old Mamaw. I made her go to bed on time instead of letting her stay up for Big Brither 5. I never let her do anything. I am always so mean. And she is going to tell Papaw!!!

Somedays are just so hard. It so difficult for her  to  see that I am not being mean. She is a very strong willed child and yes I will admit she is a bit on the spoilt side. I wanted very much to make things easier for her than they were for her mother and me. It is not just clothes and toys ( I shop at Walmart so you know I do not buy very expensive things ) she gets so much more love than her mama ever did. I was so into survival when her mother was this age that some things got neglected with her. I did not grow up in a family that gave a lot of hugs and kisses and my daughter suffered because of that. Brook gets lots of that. I made sure of that. Unfortunately her Papaw limited her punishments. Now WE are paying for that. That is wht I am the MAEN Mamaw. I am the main one for discipline. Pat is seeing the light though LOL. He has told me that he is sorry but he still is very tightly wrapped around her finger.

LOL She told Master Lee today that he is nice. Isn't that something? He is teaching her martial arts, can snap her head off and he is nice. Actually he is. He has a ready smile and is not a stict discipinarian but he demands respect of him and others. He always makes the children laugh. I have never seen him get impatient with any of them. I am very glad that I signed her up for TaeKwonDo.



  1. There was once a poem. it was called a mean momma. It aws about a mean  momma that really that was being good. Lori If I can find it and I can rememebr when we get back from camping I Ll try to send it to you. If you want it. Send me an email to remind me feeble brain. Lori

  2. Oh,kids do that. My little cousin,Olivia,use to do that to me all the time.  When my aunt was in the hospital I took care of her and I remember quite clearly I told her no to something,my mom told her no and she jumped up went into the other room and asked my dad. lol.  Austin's like that too.  The other day he did something and Tiffany corrected him and he walked over and started smacking me!  Then he says things like,"I hate you." and "I tell your mummy on you."  That first one hurts the most but the second one I've learned how to deal with. Usually I look at him,when my mom comes home,and say,"Go ahead,Austin. Tell Grammie. Tell Grammie that I told you,you couldn't jump off the couch."  He'll look at her turn red and run away.  Personally,I don't think Big Brother is appropate for someone's Brook's age and besides,she's got school now.  (Maybe kids are just more sophisticated then I was.)  

  3. gosh, we wrote about the same thing today. Tabitha is so strong willed. I love her dearly, and it is hard to make her mind without feeling like I am crushing her spirit...

  4. You big meanie!-lol- I'm sure you are Brooks world Celeste! Big Brother 5 LOLOLOLOL!

  5. We Mothers are always the 'Heavys' , aren't we? They're always harder on us!


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