Wednesday, June 27, 2007

See what I have

Yesterday evening I went out to check on my hens. I had babies running around and no mama in sight. I kept calling and she showed up. She was hurt. No blood or anything but you could tell she was hurt. After an hour or so of chasing chicks I finally managed to catch them all minus 1. One ran into the chicken pen and the other chickens killed it. Out of 14 babies I now have 6 chicks left. I brought them into the house last night. Sometime during the night the hen died. This morning I fixed up a bird cage and placed the babies in it. One by one I reached in and removed a baby out from under Mama's wing. Even in death she tried to protect them. Now I have baby chicks in my living room. I will have to keep them in for a while. I will have to place a lamp in the cage to they will have warmth. I might be able to save them all.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nap time

After I walked and fought the horse this morning I was hot and tired, my foot hurt and I needed a rest. I guess I was not the only one hot and tired. I know It is not the most flattering shot of me LOL. Not matter what Buddy insists on being there with me.


Fun day

It was a fun day if you were a kitten.Life is grand when you ae cute! LOL

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

EXERCISE, toes and stuff

Well my exercise class is over until July 10th. I did lose a few pounds but not enough. The main thing I did was gain strength and increase my flexibility. I am also not breathing so hard by the end of class. The last class ended with me doing 43 sit ups and 50 pushups. I will have to keep up the work so that when it starts back I can start at or near where I left off. LOL the last class did end with a slight mishap. I broke my big toe on the joint where it goes into the foot. It is not nearly as painful as breaking it in the middle! I cannot bend it of course. Yes I do know it is broke, X-rays were taken. All they did was wrap it up and put in it a splint. I took it off because it caused more trouble than wearing a shoe .I have had enough broken toes to know that I cannot bend it, I have to ice it and do not hit it again anytime soon! I have a toe problem, they get in my way. I break one about every other year.  It broke when I was turning on the mat to execute a sidekick and my toe stayed while the rest of my foot turned. I completed the class. After the initial shock of the pain was over with I just kept on going. It took about 5 minutes but then I was alright.  I have to keepwalking omn it. I have to walk the horse and do my other chores. My work won't get done by itself!

Did anybody see my picture I posted on C's Life?

I also have a small ad over there now. I can get paid for those ads unlike these on AOL.

Does anybody use Firefox? I like it! If you have a hunkering to try it out click my link to C's Life and check out the sidebar. There is a link there to get Firefox. It is so neat! I have kittycats as my buttons on it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Does anybody have any idea how much to charge someone for boarding a horse? If I provide feed and hay(in winter),in the field all day and in stall at night?I have never paid for it so I have no idea how much to charge.

Monday, June 18, 2007

a bit of this and that and horses

"The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and fire."

   --Sharon Ralls Lemon


Today I dealt with all of that. My horses would not stay away from the barn today. Everytime I went to get Spirit out or put her up I would have to chase them away.

 I got the hose out and filled up the water barrel of course Precious had to get a drink. She will drink all her water out of a straw if she could. Afyter doing the barrelI hosed her down. She really enjoyed having the cold water run on her neck. I imagined it cooled her off. I know it always cools me off when I do that to myself.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Candy took us out to dinner for Father'sDay and then we went toLowes. She was not sure what tool set to get Pat so she had him pick it out. Hepicked the cheapones and she upgraded them LOL. It tickled him. He really likes tools. I bought a mandellan(spelling?) plant. Around here I will have to take it inside for the winter after it dies down. It will not tolerate our cold, not that we get really cold.

I made a fattening dinner Saturday. I made lasagna. I ate smart though, I only ate one piece of it. I have finally managed to make only 1 pan of it. Ithas taken years for me to cut the recipe down from two 9x13 inch pans down to one foil lasgana pan. LOL. Half of that pan is now in the freezer to reheat on a later date.

The garden is mostly saved I think. Some of the corn did not do well. Actually I still do not know if I will get a corn crop. Last year I planted and got lots of stalks but no ears.... My beans are climbing high. It looks as if I will get a good crop of green beans. The tomatoes cannot decide if they will get bigger or just stay small and give me tomatoes. Looks like my ambition of selling some will not come to fruit this year. I will try again next year.

Ok time to eat and get ready for Brook's class. See yall later.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Normally in the mornings I get up and go into the kitchen and put water on for a cup of tea, go into the living room and turn the computer onand back into the kitchen to make my tea. That has not been the way it is since Friday. It is amazing at what I do now before that first cup of tea.

Since I have been horse sitting since Friday, I get up , get dressed and go take care of that horse first off. In addition to walking it for 20 minutes, I have to scoop poop and urine soaked shavings out of the stall, soak 2 flakes of hay for 20 minutes and put clean water in the water bucket. All before drinking my tea! I don't have to do that before drinking my tea, but I do. I like to relax and drink my tea without rushing. There is no way I could enjoy it knowing that that poor horse was waiting for me in her stall, depending on me to take care of her needs.

Time to get out there and walk her again.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Brook, ect

Brook and the group had another demo today. They went to one of the nursing homes in the area. The kids are learning to adapt their routine in many different size places. Today it was a tiny rec room.They did warm up exercises, lots of board breaking and balloon popping. They did a bunch of kicking also.   Some of the seniors had no idea what was going on but they still laughed and clapped and smiled. One started crying and smiling at the same time saying "my babies, my babies." After the demo the kids went around the room shaking hands and hugging. These seniors were so glad to see the kids. Sad. There were no other visitors there. This is the kind of home where the forgotten get sent to. No garden for them to sit in, no plants. There were a few rockers outside on the sidewalk and that was it. It was the kind of place that made my mama make me promise to take her behind the barn and shoot her before putting her in one of those places. Don't get me wrong, it was clean and the care seemed to be adequate but you could see that these elders were forgotten for the most part. My daughter looked at me and told me that I would not be there.We will see.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Memory posted here

Wednesday at Riverbend

Wednesday was Riverbend day for us. It was a hot day and we were ready!The kids were excited and rearing to go.They did their thing and the crowd loved it!   

The headliner that night was Vince Gill.


 I am going to have one busy weekend. I will be taking care of Spirit this weekend here at my place. She was brought over this morning and boy did fireworks erupt! She is all excited because she rode on a trailor. Then she finds out that I have all kinds of grass and some of it is green! Then she spots our horses and the nickering start. I got her all settled into her stall and horses decided to assert who is boss. There was a lot of rushing of the stalls and ears laid back. They talked back and forth and did some more rushing at the stall. Nowmy horses are standing around not grazing because they might miss Spirit's fart. LOLThey can stand around all they want. It won't hurt them to not eat! They are fatter than pigs. I think I am going to have my hands full when I walk Spirit today.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

working and stuff

I have been trying ti  get my garden worked. It has been hard to pull weeds out of a hard ground so they have been getting ahead of me. Now that the water company has relented and is allowing watering of the vegetable gardens I should be able to pull more weeds. I now it is impossible for me to get all the weeds pulled by myself. It is a big garden. I did lose some plants so I will be placing other plants in their places. I am going to plant some squash in the big blank spaces.

Sunday Pat and I went for a ride in the park. Let me tell you my rear end does not like me right now. We rode for 5 hours! My horse does not like me either. We did about 9 miles of trails.  Yes Mort there are trees!

Toady must have been turtle day. I helped 4 turtles across my road this morning on my way to walk Spirit. One of them was as big as a dinner plate. They were seeking water. Mud turtles do not do well without mud. I could not helpmyself, I hate to see them splatered on the road.

The kittens are fun. I have an entry on C's Life with pictures.

Friday, June 8, 2007

clearing up stuff and catching up stuff

Johnny is so cute! As much as I would like to claim him I cannot.We sold Belle about a year ago and so he is not mine. The story of Belle She is a good Mama. She moves her baby away from the strangers that are coming into her field.

Brook took her second degree red belt test and passed. She was worried that she would not test. Master Lee told her she was not ready. In just 3 days time she showed him that she was and so the day before the test he told her she would test. The next test is the black belt test. The earliest she can take it is in October.

The water company has now said that we can water vegetable gardens. Now maybe I can save what is left. This drought is killing us. I may have to buy dried alfalfa cubes to feed them this winter. We got 5 minutes of rain today. First time in almost 2 months. It settled the dust for about an hour. Now it is just as it was before the rain, except it is hotter!

My exercise class is doing good. I have not lost weight but I have gained strength. I hold the class record for pushups. I did 50 on Tuesday. Beat the men! I might have been able to do more but the situps and pushups are at the end of class when we are tired! I hope the class continues.

Brook's TaeKwonDo demo group will be preformingat the Riverbend Festival next Wednesday night. Pictures will be taken. Travis Tritt will be preforming that night also.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Introducing Johnny, son of Belle. He was born this morning.


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It is here! Be back later with the news!

Monday, June 4, 2007


Well I got my computer back. It is working like a charm. He put a DVD burner in and a new fan and fixed the original problem. Now all I have to do is get used to the noise of the new fan. It is not loud, I just NEVER heard my old fan. I needed a bigger one to handle the dust and the new burner.

I am happy as a clam.Well I would be except for 1 minor detail. My refrigerator died. Not the whole thing, the freezer is still working for now. It is only 8 years old. Whatever happened to appliances lasting? So now I have to go shopping for something I had no intention of getting for at least another few years. Should I go with aside by side, which I have now? I doubt it. It did have water and ice in door but that broke a long time ago.Things that use water usually die around here. The water is so hard.

Speaking of water we resally need some.We are in a severe drought. They have banned ALL outdoor watering. I am being to feel like I am in the dustbowl. I cannot remember the last time we had any rain around here. We have had 0 rain for the month of May and less than an inch for April. June is not loooking any better. Without water there will be no hay. No hay means hungry herds. Hungry herds means higher prices at the store because they will have less meat.

Ok I am going to stop for now. I have so much to say that I cannot get my thoughts together.