Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day one is done

Pat and I got up early this morning to start on our trip. Did we leave EARLY? A RESOUNDING NO! If anything could go wrong it did. Tempers started to flare but I held my tongue and did not say forget it, you go I am staying home.
Once on the road I was alarmed at the sheer stupidity of "cagers".  There was an SUV with a cute message on the back and side windows that said "precious cargo". If there was precious cargo inside then the driver, I am assuming was the mother, was an idiot and did not consider her cargo precious. She sure did not give a flying flip about us!. She ran up on the back of Pat. She was within a car length of the back of the trailer. I was in the other lane and she was riding beside me. I could see her talking on a cell phone also. I waved at her in a not so friendly way(not with my middle finger). She responded by flipping me off! I yelled in a not nice way and called her a not nice name and gave her a not nice gesture. She finally backed off and I was able to get behind Pat. She then went by us, cut in front and got off the highway. Witch.
I forgot my camera cord so I cannot download the pictures I took. I may get a reader so I can. I am sure in the next few days I am going to find other things I forgot.
So far everything has been going slow. Only one mishap so far. My backpack popped loose and I had to pull over to fix it.
Instead of camping out tonight we are staying in a motel. The late start made it hard to get to our camping area and set up. Ok I am out of here. going to go work out, then a hot shower and bed.
We are in Cave City,KY. Mammouth Cave is near by. Tommorrow we will be in Monticello IN to visit Pat's sister for a few days.