Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Yeah I know It is not Jan 1st but it is a new year, at least for me. It is my birthday. Yay. 54, wow I made it. I keep telling myself, I am not old but my body keeps screaming at me YOU ARE OLD. Typing this morning with fingers that are not very flexible(arthritis), a back that refused to bend, a swollen knee(bursitis), and other aches and pains, constant reminders that time will not hold back age. Time marches on. Oh well.

School is out is 2 weeks here, then Brook gets a 10 week break(I think). She has a full summer, FFA camp in June. Her dad has moved so she will spend time with him, possibly going on vacation with him. Her boyfriend grandparents own a house on a lake and she will be spending time there(providing she is still with him).

Thursday and next Thursday will be playoffs for the trophy in my pool league. The team I am on is in it! Then we have a week off then we play in the City Championship for a chance to play at the Nationals in Las Vegas!

Ok I am out of here. Time to take Brook to school.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Need to keep my sanity

I will be posting here more often. So many things going on and my head is swimming. My blog will be used to let things out and maybe my stress level will reduce.

Yesterday was my least favorite holiday of the year, Mother's Day. Over the years more bad things than I want to remember happened on or near that date. Problem is, I remember ALL those things. I had to watch Brook leave to spend Mother's Day with her mother. They went to Kobe's, a place I can never afford to go to.  My appetite completely gone, I go work my garden. Tilled and planted. I got 15 mounds of squash planted, 9 sweet potato plants planted, caged my tomatoes and stabbed the ground, a lot...
Finally Brook came home. We then left  so I could take her to her dad's house. She had a nice gift for her step mom Nina. Then we went out to dinner. My son in law took me out for Mother's Day. It was nice.

I go to physical therapy today for my knee. It hurts. I am fat but that is not why it hurts. I hurt it crawling, ouch.

Waiting on phone call from eye clinic for Pat. The anesthesiologist has to approve him for surgery. His lung doctor and primary care has already said ok.

Pat has surgery on June 25th to remove the cancer off his face. It is basil cell but it has been there for awhile and possibility goes completely thru his cheek.

Raising a teenager is hard.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

not a happy monkey

I am not planning on celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow. My mama has been gone 10 years now so I can't be with her. My daughter has declared me dead to her and I am no longer her mother. My granddaughter will be spending time with her mother and her step mother(not at same time). There is no place for me. I just wish this weekend was over. If I could leave for this whole week I would...