Thursday, May 31, 2007


I want everybody to know, I am reading just rarely commenting. I need a new keyboard as this one is making a lot of mistakes. It takes a bit to make sure all is writen correctly.Lots of double letters and no spaces and stuff like that.

I will have my computer back on Saturady. It did not crash. A piece of plastic broke that seperates the motherboard from the processor. Lucky the emergency cutoff kept it from frying my computer. He(my computer guy) is also installing a dvd burner and some software and checking out anything else. He backed up all my info in case of a crash too.All that for $75! LOL He said I had one of the best computers he has worked on as far as having   spyware on my machine. I do my best to keep it off! I know that spyware more than viruses cause more computer crashes!

Ok I am out of here. I will catch everybody up after I getmy computer back!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My computer is in shop. I am using a borrowed computer right now. It is slow and old and no pictures and all the good stuff. Even with high speed it is slow! I will be reading as much as I can and will post when I can..

Thursday, May 24, 2007


The baby died tonight.When  we got home from Taekwondo it was stretched out on Brook's floor.She burst into tears because she thought it was dead. I picked it up and it was still alive but you could tell that the end was near. I held the baby cupped in my hands so that it would die feeling loved and warm. It would gasp and look at me without seeing. I would rub her head with my thumb and she would turn to me. After about 30 minutes she crossed the rainbow bridge. She was so small. She fit entirely in one hand. I am glad that she did not have to go alone on a cold floor. She tried so hard to make it. She was drinking the milk that I gave her and still nursing. It hurts so much to see a little one go. If I had never tried to help it I would not be so upset. My emotions is the reason I can not work with patients anymore. I would die some each time I lost someone. It became personal.I tried, I really did try. I hate this. It killed me watching and hearing Brook sobbing. I had to hold my own tears for her. NOw they flow. I hate death sometimes. If it tears me up this bad over a kitten that I have only been helping for a few days, what will happen to me when it is Sebastian's turn? I have had him for 19 years now.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Monday Brook had outdoor training at Joe Stock Park . They had a great time!


kitten, horse

The kitten is still alive. I think it is doing better. It is moving around a little and raising its head up. I started giving it a dropper full of milk that I had left over from the calf. The dropper holds 1 teaspoon. It will lap up the milk from the droppers tip. It is smaller than the other 2 kittens and I think it just may be getting deprived of its fair share. I hate seeing anything die if there is something I can do for it. It is a simple matter and costs nothing but time to give it some milk.

I had to take Precious to the vet today. She has been doing a lot of head shaking and was very touchy with her ears. She was rubbing the hair off around the base of her ears. I thought that she might have ear mites. The vet gave her a shot to sedate her and started probing her ears. That did not make her happy even with sedation! He is not certain that she has mites. She does have swollen ears and a tick was removed. He also removed a big hunk of skin that has pus and blood on it. Her ears had lots of little sores in them, possibly from tick bites. Way down deep in her ear he pulled a plug out the size of a pencil eraser. Yucky. We had to wait around for the sedation to wear off somewhat. Poor thing could not walk. If you have ever tried to help a drunk to walk... You know how they will drag their feet, well try doing that with an 1100 pound horse! She was happy to get home!

I have one more update. Belle is ready to have her baby anyday now.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Look like

Do I look like Candice Bergen? According to this site I do. Find my celebrity look alike

Babies, babies and more babies

Yesterday we had babies born! A dozen babies and their mama popped up and said look at me! It was real easy to catch them. I put the cat kennel down and babies started going in. The mam soon followed. I put the rest of the babies in there.As I put 2 in one would come out. AND everytime I put some in the mama would peck my hand! LOL Now there are all in the chicken pen safe and sound. They are using the kennel as a place to sleep. I have another hen setting. She is under a campertop. I do not know how many she has under her. I expect I have about another week. Anybody want any babies????

Speaking of babies. Today is kind of sad around here. One of Susie's babies may not make it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

 I picked in my garden today.My bounty included romaine lettuce and broccoli. It is cool out today, only 64 right now. My garden is loving this weather! LOL I am loving it. I can work all day when it is this kind of temperature. I hammered some tomato stakes in. It is time to set my beam poles also. I am going to put some corn kernels on to soak in a bit. Some of my corn did not come up and I am not taking a chance that it will. Soaking the kernels in water will give them a boost to start sprouting roots!

Buddy is almost ready for mailing. I don't know how much it will cost because he is heavy! LOL

Spirit is doing good. She is not fighting me as much when it comes to walking her. I bet she does not eat a mulch pile again anytime soon! I tell you if I don't lose some weight when this is all over with.....

The exercise class went well the other night. It was 1 solid hour of fast paced movement. Well except for the minute we got massage! LOL We ended the exercise part of class with doing as many sit ups as we could do. At the end we did 5 minutes of meditation. In some ways this is the hardest part of the class. I am ready for the next class!

Well time to get busy. I have clothes to wash and dishes to do. I think I will shampoo the carpet in the hallway today also.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

roosters and stuff

Here is a shot I did for Wordless Wednesday on C's Life. This is my Rhode Island Red rooster. He has 3 hens, 2 of which are sitting on nests somewhere. In this shot he was chasing the other hen, poor thing. She is his favorite hen. Poor thing has no feathers on her back now.

We are getting some rain today. So far there has not been enough to do anything except settle the dust. That part won't last when the sun comes back out. I do hope it rains enough to wet things down good. It is not looking good for any of the crops.

The Farmer's Market opened up last weekend. I am hoping that I will be able to get enough to take there. If not, oh well. As long as I get enough for us. Everything is popping thru the ground. I am harvesting broccoli this weekend. Tomato plants are blooming. A rabbit has been visiting my small garden. It is only eating on one lettuce plant. I will share my garden.In the past  I have had deer come up in it(only the years without a dog).

Brook is staying with her mama tonight.

Now for the good news. Brook won first place with her science fair project! I am not sure if it was for her school or for the county.... She does not know either. LOL  I am so proud of her. Her project was testing fruits and vegetables for electicity production. I was amazed at the results. A lemon puts outs 1.6 volts and a strawberry puts out 1.2 volts! Pictures will be forthcoming when I can get her, the project and the ribbion all in the same place.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's my party

Anybody remember the line it's my party and I'll cry if I want to? Well that's me today. Pat finally remembered it was my birthday and printed off a card for me about an hour before time for him to leave for work. I received a few e-cards from some people I know on line and one from my niece. NO cake and ice cream, no meals, no presents not even any Happy Birthdays. I guess that is a sign I am middle aged. No wants to acknowledge birthdays at my age. I guess I will have to wait until I am old, then maybe......

Anyway I am giving myself a present. Tonight I am going to start taking a weight loss exercise class at taekwondo. What a way to celebrate my birthday. LOL Getting hot and sweaty without having fun.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

mothers day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Back when I was a little girl, I had nice memories of Mother's Day. We would get up on Sunday morning and have breakfast and get ready forchurch, usually wearing our Easter dresses. After that we would go out in the back yard to the rose bushes growing next to the old wooden fence. These were special bushes planted by my grandmother, old heirloom roses.Wewould look for our own special rose to wear. Red roses for everyone except daddy, he got a white one. You wore a red rose if your mama was alive and a white rose for if they were no longer with us. I was always amazed that the roses were blooming every year right on time. We would pin our roses on and then go to church. Some of the ladies at church would wear fancy rose corsages. I would see them and would wish out loud that I wish my mama had one. She told me that her was the sweetest. At church they would give out flowers plants for the oldest mama, the one with the most kids at church, the youngest mama(which I won one year), and the one with the youngest baby. After church we would come home to a meal that Mama had put in the oven before church. Afterwards we would just play or whatever. Mama would not go anywhere on that day until my oldest sister called. She would stay in the house because she might not hear the phone ring. Everytime it rang she would have someone get the phone. If it was not her she would look so sad. When the call finally came through she would be all smiles and laugh. (My next sister up laughs like my mama)
I miss those times. Life was so much simpler, at least it was for me. I know now that it was not easy for them. I know it was a struggle for them. I was not exactly what they wanted for Mother's Day the year I was born. Life was supposed to start getting easier not harder. Life moved on. There were death and births. MOther's Day became a distant memory. I became a mother and no one celebrated with me, time passed and my baby became a mother.  I made sure that her baby would have something for her mother every year. Then came the year when they were no longer together. I had my grandbaby with me and suddently Mother's Day became special. I had someone bringing me flowers and pictures and cards that she made. Now my daughter has her back again. She is the one to get the gifts now. And now finally after years of dreading the holiday, because something bad always happened around that time, my daughter is celebrating it with me.
I wasted so many times that I could have spent with my mama. Not going to see her because I was ashamed of how my life was and other reasons that are truely meaningless as I look back. So many times I had wished I had never been born and now when I see Brook I know WHY I was born.

Friday, May 11, 2007

New journal

I have been reading the most delightful journal lately. I just had to share it with you. It is called Do you remember? writen by ggjack. Go check it out.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


The littlest baby kitten did not make it. It died sometime during the night. It was nursing vigorously yesterday. I thought it would make it. It has been 3 weeks and 5 days. I am afraid that it did not get any of the first milk. That will do them in almost every time.

One of the kittens has a cold in its eye. I believe I caught it soon enough. All I can do is clean it and open it and wash it out. It is too young to give it any medicine, even the eye kind.

Susie moved the babies again. This time she moved them under Brook's bed. If i did not know better I would say that Susie was a gypsy! Always on the move.

My peas are popping up in the garden. The corn is still sitting there doing nothing. I tell you, it really needs rain! They are calling for a 40% chance of rain tomorrow. I don't believe it. The grass is dry and crunchy just like it is in July! We really need some of your rain Donna!!

Spirit is home. She arrived home today. I will be walking her for 20 minutes at a time starting tomorrow. This will be for the next 60 days. After that she will be allowed to go into the pasture for short periods of time.

I have to get busy. I need to go get some new sprinklers for my garden.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

a giveaway

mothers-day-button-180-pixe.jpg There is a giveaway on 5 minutes forMom for Mothers Day. Check out all the contests for yourself. Myself I am trying to win anything!

a bit of info

Brook is excited. Tomorrow she is going on a field trip. It is not much, just an all day trip to the playpark. what is exciting for her is this is something she has been striving for all year. The only ones that get to go are the ones in the PrinciPals Club. The only way to get into the club is to be on star roll or honor roll all year and have 5 or less absences and have a good conduct grade.

Last night we went to the school for a science show. It was pretty good although I would have rather missed the balloons popping. Actually they exploded! they were filled with hydrogen not helium! It was a very loud boom! Brook picked out a project she is going to do for the Science Fair.She does not have much time to get it done in! It has to be ready next week!

 She is on the list to be tested this month for her second degree red. This is the last belt test before getting her black. She is nervous. None of the red belts that tested last month made it. They willbe testing again this month. She would have been testing by herself otherwise.

The garden is doing well I suppose. No weeds are growing in it. Then again nothing else is either! This no rain is not good. Watering the garden only goes so far. It needs sky water! The little garden is doing real good. My brocelli is coming along. The brussel sprouts are lagging but hanging in there! Appartently my onions and garlic have disappeared  this year again.

   I think it is time to give my keyboard a bath again. Not a real bath. I need to pop off all the keys and clean underneath the keys. It is a simple job just takes time.You ahve to make sure that you place everything back in the right place. If you have a key that seems to be sticking you need to do it also. Be sure to unplug keyboard from computer!

That is it for now. I need to get to bed. An early night would be good for me.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Spirit update

Spirit is a silly horse. Apparently she thought that the mulch pile would be a good thing to eat. Horses cannot digest large amounts of bark. A horse has about 70 feet (22meters) of intestines. This horse has mulch throughout her entire gut! IT all had to be cleaned out. She also  had some in her stomach. The stomach is a bad place. Horses cannot vomit, if they do their stomach usually ruptures. If this should happen the horse will die, violently.  They could not open her stomach so it is being pumped every four hours until it is all out. She is not allowed to eat until it is gone. She will be in Knoxville until she is able to eat on her own ad has a normal bowel movement. After she is home she will have to be in a stall for the next 2 months allowed out only on a lead rope 3 times a day for 10 -15 minutes. She is in greatest danger of colicing again in the next 18 months, which could prove fatal next time. So I guess I have a summer job of walking a horse!

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Anybody want a 9 year old going on 16?

they are wrong

I am hot right now. The weather says that it is 75 degrees right now. I can accept that. They also say it is  57% humidity. I do not accept that. No matter how hard I work outside I do not break a sweat at that temp and that humidity. Besides my arthritis says the humidity is much higher! The big black clouds hanging over my head says it too. They are calling for rain. I bet it does not do that. I will have to go out and water my garden this evening and tomorrow morning. 30% chance of rain usually means sticky weather and no rain this time of the year for me. I will have to start working in the garden at about 7 am if I want to beat the heat and get anything done. That is everyday. If I miss a day it makes it easier to miss the next day and then next time it might be 3 days. That is when the weeds take over and frustration hits and I want to give it up. No one helps in the garden after the first part of it gets done. That was the fun part. The weeding and watering and debugging and picking is hard work and no one wants to do that. They want to eat what is in it though! I need to get my tomato stakes in the ground. I need hose! Hose is the best thing for tying up plants. My problem is I wear hose maybe twice a year. I am usually bare legged with a dress when I wear one. I might have to go buy some of those cheap knee highs from Walmart.

I took Brook to the doctor yesterday. They said that the lump in her neck is done to half the size it was. That is good news. She also got 2 shots, chicken pox and hepatitis  A. She goes back in 6 months to get a booster on the Hep A.

No update on Spirit. I am hoping for a call soon.

Well that's it for now.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Spirit is in recovery. She did not twist a gut. She had a huge blockage caused by mulch! Appartently she decided that the mulch pile would be a good thing to eat. She is expected to make a full recovery barring any unforeseen events. Thank you for all the prayers.

horrible day

Today is a horrible day for my daughter and her boss. Candy was watching Dee's horse and yesterday evening it became colicky. Candy was up all night with the horse. I spent all evening and all morning helping. We thought it was out of the woods, she was eating and passing gas. We walked that horse a long time. She and Johnny walked it all night. Yes the vet did come 3 times. Dee was in Florida. She drove all night to come home. This horse is her baby. This horse is in terrible danger right now. As I write Dee and Candy are on their way to Knoxville with the horse. That is the closest large animal hospital that can handle this. It is believed that her gut twisted. She is requiring emergency surgery. She may not make it The horse's name is Spirit. She is full of it. Pray that she can recover. Dee is taking this real hard. Last year when she went to Florida she had a horse get out and was killed when struck by a car.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Trip

Saturday was a wonderful day. My day started with a smile and ended with one.

We decided to go on a ride on the bike. I always enjoy riding. After a quick breakfast we were on our way. I hope you enjoy the video. It may take a bit of time to load.

For those of you that cannot see the video, I posted pictures for your viewing pleasure.



We took a trip to the Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg Tennessee, sponsered by the Lodge people, makers of the world's best cast iron cookware. They have it every year with people from all over competing with their best recipe made with cornbread cooked in cast iron. I really enjoyed all the tastes and sights. I had something called cornbread salad. Not sure how to make it. It was good but I prefer my beans and cornbread hot!

All and all it was a good day.