Wednesday, August 4, 2004

A rant

I am angry at what is an attack on mothers that stay at home. Click here to read Kas's journal where she has posted the article written by Gretchen Ritter, the director of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Texas.

According to this woman, mothers that stay at home are doing their children a disservice by doing so. She also says that SAHMs are not contributing anything to society by doing so.

Give me a break. She is probally trying to justify her reasons for not being a SAHM by putting down the women who do so. No I was not SAHM but I wanted to be. I am a SAHGM and proud to be so. Yes I had a career. Does she want me to go back to it? If so then will she voleenteer to be my first patient? I would not be able to hear her breath sounds now. And if I get dizzy while taking blood out of her artery...well I just might accidentaly sever it.

She does not have to right to put down SAHMs.

I am angry about it and unfortunatly when I am angry I cannot write right. My thoughts get random and scattered.

Read the article. Give your thoughts on it. Maybe after I have calmed down again I can write reasonablly. I hate it when I get like this.



  1. How others raise their kids is nobody's business.  I was, for the most part, a stay-at-home mom, and my daughter has told me many times how nice it was to come home to the smell of fresh-baked cookies or home-made bread because I was there.  I'm not about to tell anyone that it's wrong to have children and hold down a job, either.  When it comes to raising kids, there is not just one right way.  

  2. YEs I read that and being a stay at home mom it angered me. Lori

  3. She needs to mind her own business!


  4. It drove me crazy too, that's why I posted it.  

  5. Celeste, oppinions are like A**holes....& the woman who thinks that SAHM's are doing thier children a disservice is obviously an A**hole! (.....sever an artery? ...Remind me to never piss you off....LOL) Hugs! ~Ann ; )

  6. I'm so far behind but I had to come back to this entry (even though I already listened to it on the phone) so I could follow the link to that story.


    That is how frustrated that makes me.  Is this woman crazy?  Does she think that the whole purpose of the equality for women was so that we were no longer allowed to decide what we do with our own lives, and must instead do what is the greater good of society?  And how on earth did she twist it around to sound like SAHM's are disserving society?  From what I've seen, SAHM's are usually volunteers for all sorts of things, they take care of the house, the bills, the kids, the chauffering the kids, the grocery shopping, watching neighborskids.....obviously this woman reporter has her reporting senses stuck so far up her butt all she can smell is poop and couldn't sniff out a clue of how much work it is to be a SAHM.  Just ridiculous.

    By doing all those things and more the SAHM's ARE contributing to society...and freeing up their husband to concentrate on his job, and by taking care of everything around the house, that leaves the husband free to spend quality time with his kids when he gets home, instead of paying bills, housework, etc, etc, etc.

    What an idiot and a poor excuse for a woman she was to write that.  Not everyone provides for their society equally....or else we would have to rule out my job now huh?  I can volunteer for nothing, attend no meetings, take care of no one's children....but wouldn't career women that have time for nothing else, like me, balance out the fact that a SAHM is doing so much for her community rather than work?  Isn't that what a community is?  A team?

    I think the woman is just jealous of some fantasy she believes of being a know, the life of luxury that she's missing...boy if only she knew what it's really like for SAHMs!

    Okay, enough, I feel better now, lol.


  7. I thought the whole idea of women's liberation was to give women a choice.  I teach at a university, and that's what we believe in our women's studies program.  Women's choice includes the right and privilege of being a SAHM, and God love 'em for it.


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