Sunday, September 30, 2007

Goof things

 Good things

Fear less, hope more;
Whine less, breathe more;
Talk less, say more;
Hate less, love more;
And all good things are yours."
-Swedish Proverb

Friday, September 28, 2007

night, lovely night

Tonight was my last class in bo staff. Master Lee will not be offering it month. maybe he will have it again in the future. Next month there will be no classes in weapons. November he will have sword class. I might take it. I have not made up my mind yet.

Getting down to the wire on Brook's black belt tests. They start Tuesday.

I was driving home tonight from class and I just had to pull over. It was just a beutiful night I did not want to spoil it by moving. I had the urge to just sit there and breath it in. The sky was so clear and filled with moonlight. The moon hanging in the sky had a small slice out of it. As I watched the moon climb higher  in the sky I noticed that it appeared to be cut in half. A thin sliver of silver was cutting thru the middle. Slowly the moon rose and the sliver went beneath it. The only thin cloud for miles just happened to be in the place where the moon would rise. With a sigh I get back in my car. After all I am on a country road alone with only a stick with me for protection.( a stick I can now cram thru their chest). What is it about the moon? Why does its light draw you to it? When I look at the moon, I feel anything is possible. It gives me peace. I like dancing in the moonlight. With that thought in mind, I think I will step outside for a few minutes before bed and feel the air on my skin and the moonlight on my face.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

The wedding day

Saturday started and ended on a beautiful note. First thing I did was get up and walk the boardwalk and then the beach. Remember I am a 6 o'clock riser no matter how hard I try to sleep in. The boardwalk was basically deserted which suited me fine. Walking by one bench I noted what could possibly be a homeless person, or a drunk, or both... The birds were busy as the sun came up. Swooping down on the beach and to the water, going about their business regardless of what was going on in the world. It mattered not to them that there was a war in Iraq or a wedding in a church.

On my way back I walked the beach. Walking in sand is different. You use muscles in your legs that you did not know you had. Soon I headed to the waterline. The walking was easier and every once in awhile the waves would come up and cover my feet. When that happened the beach would leave my feet stranded. The sand was being reclaimed by the ocean, calling it home to the deep. Once I got back to the beach in front of our motel I worked on my bo staff forms. I did not have my staff with me but I could do the movements. It was still early and there were few people on the beach. To my right was a man doing some martial arts forms also. It is not easy in the sand as it does slow down the spins somewhat. After that I headed in to eat. I had really worked up an appetite! Breakfast was good. I like having someone cook for me.  I hopped in the shower to get ready for the big day.

We made it to the church barely before the qwedding party started down the aisle. I honestly did not expect to make it.

The wedding was beautiful. The girls had long green strapless dresses, a pretty green, not yucky pea soup green, lol. The bouquets were all made with fall flowers. Arrangements in the church were also fall flowers.

After the ceremony pictures were made and then off to the reception.

WOW what a reception. You like raw fish? We had it. Meat? It was there. Potatoes? Served in a wine glass, sundae style. Open bar? Yep It was there. Everything was there. There was lots of dancing and happy people. Lots of drinking, and happy people. Lots of eating, and happy people. LOL. Everyone was there to celebrate 2 wonderful people. People flew in from California and Canada and I don't know where else. Happy people everywhere getting happier by the second. Yes I got happy too. LOL

After awhile my niece and I headed back to the room and the party was still going strong.

It was a really good day.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The ocean

I loved waking up to this. I am not a "beach" person. I do not get any enjoyment out of laying in the sun  and all that stuff. I did enjoy walking the beach in the early morning before the crowds got there ( not that there were many this time of the year). I can sit there for hours just looking and breathing. It was so easy to forget everything, to go inside myself and just breath.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I just read an article about a plus size model that is a size 10. First of all that made me mad. 10 is NOT plus size! I got over that part when I started reading the comments. NOW THAT is what really ticked me off. Click here for the article.

I am a plus size. Yep I am fat, heavy, plump, curvy, whatever you wish to call me. Look for the comment by lisajoy1960. This really made my blood boil.

LisaJoy1960 can kiss my arse.


Friday of the wedding trip

Friday I boarded the shuttle bus at 3 AM after being up for 21 hours. I thought to myself that I would catch a little bit of shut eye before getting to the airport in Atlanta. It was not to be. The van swayed and bumped as the driver ran over the little bumpies the DOT put in the stripes on the road. It continuously gave me the sensation that it was going to topple over. At one time I was able to see the speedometer and we were going 85 in a 55 mph zone IN THE RAIN! Needless to say, no sleep for me. At about a quarter to 5 we pulled into the airport and I disembarked from that horrible van. I did not tip the driver when he handed me my bag. I was thanking my stars that I did not have to be on it a second longer!

Into the airport I go and I get my boarding pass and seat assignment. I checked my bag as I did not wish to go thru the crap you go thru just to carry a bag on board. I had my pocketbook , my wallet, a book and a pen. None of the restaurants are open yet that have any decent food so I wait  a bit longer. I have 2 1/2 hours to go until my plane leaves. Finally my niece gets there and we head thru security. Such a fun place to go thru now. Everything goes into a bucket including your shoes.  Now I do not know how I am suppose to conceal a bomb in my sandals! Finally we get to our plane and board it. I get the window seat which suited me just fine. What did not suit me was I was also in the last seat on the plane, you know, the one in the back that does not recline. We are leaving on time, 26 hours awake. An hour and half later we arrive in Newport News Virginia ahead of schedule by a few minutes. It was a small airport and we received our bags rather fast. There were only two consoles for luggage. This was not an airport you could get lost in. We opted to go to Newport News because it was about $400 cheaper than going to Virginia Beach airport! We got out rental car and headed to Virginia Beach. I was excited. I had only been there one time before when I was younger. Virginia Beach was the first and only time I had ever seen the ocean and I was going to see it again! I am like a kid when it comes to traveling. Everything is a wonder to me even if I have been there before. I always find something new to see.

We drove until the interstate ended. Then we drove some more until the only place we could get to driving east was in the ocean! LOL We had reservations at a beachfront hotel. upon arrival there we find that our room was not ready and that check in was not until 4 PM! That would not do! We wanted to catch some shuteye before going to the rehearsal dinner. We took our baggage up to my sister's room and headed out to eat. It was lunch time and we were hungry! By the time we got back our room was ready and we headed to it. 31 hours awake now, I am getting numb. Once in the room we unpack and I fall on the bed. I get about an hour and half of sleep and that is it for me. I wake up and could not get that other 2 hours I could have. I decided to just take my time and get ready.

We finally head to the dinner which is at a rib place called Frankie's Place for Ribs.Everything went well there. There was a large number of people there for the wedding. Lots of toasts, lots of food lots of laughs and fun for a good everning. After a while we head back to the room for some serious sleep.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting ready

I am back!

The weekend went fairly well. The wedding went extremely well.The trip home went okay. LOL That is the short version. Now on to the longer version.

How to begin...

Thursday morning I woke up at 6 am. My feet out of the covers with the fan blowing on them. After removing the feathered boa from my face, oops, nota boa after all. Start over here, after removing a white fluffy tail from my nose and eyes I got put of bed and headed to the bathroom. Light on and eyes closed. When I finally pried them open I realized I still could not see. Still not used to putting on the coke bottles in order to see when I get up. Back to the bed I go to retrieve my eyes so I could see my beautiful face in the mirror. After doing all those things necessary to maintain my loveliness ( wrinkle stuff, puffy eye stuff, white teeth stuff, you know stuff) I headed into the kitchen where a zoo awaited me. Buddy and Susie started winding themselves around my feet demanding that I give them attention first, Scampi whining in his kennel that he has been locked up all night and he really has to go bad. Scampi wins, mainly because if he does not then he will start howling, a loud, high pitched long drawn out howl. Of course, this does not make Susie happy so as he heads out the door she gives him a swipe on his butt. I then feed the cats and head to the birds. They are hollering that they want theirs now! Peaches get very loud if you do not pay attention to her when she wants it. Finally I get that done and I can now fix my water for my cup of tea. Whew, I am tired already and the day has just begun. While waiting on my water to get ready I tun the dryer on with the clothes that I removed from the washer(washed the night before as I went to bed) and put another load in the washer that was on top of it waiting to be washed. 7 am comes around and I am out the door. The sun is not up yet and it is a bit on the cool side. Wisps of fog still in the air, the air is so clean smelling today, the sky getting progressively lighter as I head down the driveway for my morning walk. Stopping by the chicken pen I toss Scampi in and head down the driveway with Pup. Halfway down he sees K walking the road to meet us and he takes off. The timing is perfect as she reaches my driveway as I reach the end of it and off we go on our walk. Pup is happy walking with us. He finds rabbit scents everywhere he goes and runs them down. Soon we smell a scent ourselves, a rather pungent scent, skunk and pigsty mixed together. Honestly that is what it was. A dead skunk and a pigsty side by side makes for a really stinky walk. Nothing speeds you up better than smells like that! LOL!

After my walk I had so much to do. Packing, cooking, cleaning, list making, driving,TaeKwonDo and more driving.

At 3:15 I headed to the school to pick up Brook and back to the house to pick up Pat to take him to work. If for once he could get ready on time Iwould not of had to head back to the house! Looking back I wish I had let him drive to work and I take my own car, another if wishes were horses thing. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour one way to his work.By the time we got back to town, it was time for Tae Kwon Do. I had grabbed a hot and ready from Little Caesar's because I knew I would not have time to cook. Off Brook and I go for her 2 hour class in Tae Kwon Do. After class she goes home to her mama's and I head home to finish my stuff. At 9 PM I still have not packed. I leave in less than 4 hours!

Midnight comes and I am done. I play for 30 minutes on the computer and then I head out the door. Halfway up the road I realize that I for got to print out itinerary with the flight plan on it so back to the house I go. Finally I get back on the road and off to pick up Pat. We go to the Waffle House as I do not have to be at the airport shuttle for another hour.

Friday 3 AM comes and I am off at last.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

short time

This week has been a whirlwind week. I have been trying to get me ready and my house ready for my trip out of town. Today is the day that all must be done. I still have so  much to do. I have nothing packed yet! YIKES!

The perm is horrible. The perm on top of my head fell out so it was redone. In turn that fell out also. So now I have double processed hair, half curls half straight and that means no color. My hair was already falling out due to an imbalanced thyroid. So now I will be curling m hair to make it look like something. I will try to get a picture of that. I am always reluctant to take pictures of myself. I hate having the camera pointed at me.

So anyway I leave at 3 am for Atlanta to board a flight at 8 am to Newport News, Virginia where I will be getting a car to drive to Virginia Beach, Virginia. (Good thing my Composition teacher is not around! He would be having a hissy fit about that sentence!) Once there I will get some much needed rest before the rehersal dinner  Friday evening. Saturday is the wedding at some big church and the reception will be on the naval base there. Sunday is a brunch with the 2 families and then, I will be home. 3 days of dresses and heels, oh my aching feet and back!

Ok time to get off here. I have work to do and short short is my time!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Folgers Gourmet Selections. Get A Free Sample

Folgers coffee sends me a free sample every once in a while. I figure, what the heck, it is a good way to try a new coffee without spending money. I hate to buy something at full price and not like it. Click the picture above and get your sample too!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

We finally got some rain yesterday thanks to the hurricane that hit last week. It was a whole lot of rain a whole lot late! To late to help with hay production. It will help the farmers that are having to water their stock due to dry ponds. The ground is so dry that it will probably soak in pretty fast. It did help clean the air some. And my car is clean! LOL

Here are some more shots aken on our vacation. The covered bridge is one that crosses Chickamauga Creek. It was in the movie I'd Climb The Highest Mountain starring Susan Hayward.

Cool, wet weather came yesterday and I put on a crock pot of chili! I have been waiting for an excuse to do that! I love to make chili. It is so easy and tastes good too!

I had an electricifying experience the other day. I went and got my hair cut and had a perm put in. I don't know what possessed me to do that. I swore I would never do that again. Pat likes it. LOL He said now he can have another woman and it would be me! LOL I will post a picture after I wash it. It will probably have to be redone. Some of it is already coming out. I have very fine and very thick hair. Perms have trouble sticking.

Ok, time to get busy. I have a lot of cleaning to do. I am going to Virginia Beach next weekend for a wedding and I do not want to leave a mess here with Pat. If I do it will be 10 times as bad when I get back.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

just a few cute shots

Old habits

Old habits do die hard. By choice I am lazy. I hate cleaning. I enjoy sitting here in front of my computer. The lazy habit I really must break. I took a day off from doing laundry and wam! I am overrun again because one day off lead to another and another. I am back at it again. I have to install good habits now. I know I can do it. Even as we speak, I have a load in the washer and one in the dryer.

I am going to add another habit to do. This one will make Flylady happy. I am going to have my sink cleaned out every night before bed. I just don't understand HOW it can get so messy when I do not cook every day! I swear there are goblins in this house.

My problem is, I do not see the mess until it becomes overwhelming. When that happens I do not want to touch it because it IS overwhelming. I did not used to be that way. My room was clean when I was younger because I kept it that way. When I was married to my first husband I used to keep the house clean. That might be why I am the way I am now, or at least part of it. I HAD to iron the sheets on the bed, even t shirts and underwear had to be ironed! He would do a dust test. We lived in a desert! There was dust! Glad I am not in that relationship anymore, in more ways than one. It was a very abusive relationship.

So anyway, I have to break old habits and create new ones for the sake of my relationship now and for me. I clean but I just move it around. I have to clean it up for good not just move it to another room or another pile. I keep hauling stuff out and yet it does not get smaller. Paper is a biggie for me. I need to go straight to the paper shredder with the mail. I also need to keep vigilant on shredding all the piles of paper I have created. Ok so I will add 2 new habits.

New habits: wash a load a day, write in journal, clean sink out every night, shred mail daily.


Monday, September 10, 2007

I must extend apologies to all of you. I opened up my Newsgator this morning and found I had over 800 entries to read. The thought of reading all of them became over whelming. I deleted them shortly after starting to try to read them. Please if I missed something that I really do need to know about(birth, death, ect.) please let me know by sending me an email or leaving a link in my comment section on this entry.

Catch up a bit here.

Friday we took Crystal to have her ultrasound done. No baby. I am disappointed but not overly so. We will now wait until Spring and try again.

Saturday was Brook's birthday. She got lots of clothes, moon sand and something Bratz. She also go a new saddle! bet you can guess who got that for her.LOL

Time to go. Class starts soon.



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Saturday, September 8, 2007


Brook turns double digit today. I am going to pick up her cake now. She wanted a bakery cake .

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Theses are a few pictures of the leg of our trip that invilved Carter's lake. You can see just how low the water is. The water at the reservior is about 50 feet below normal. the drought is really hurting Georgia waters.

trip continued

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

trip on motorcycle


Ok I just had to do it. So shoot me. LOL

We are back and we had a great time except for the food posioning. Lucky for us it was mild.

Our trip started on a cool note. The weather was perfect for a long ride.  We took the back roads to Cornelia Georgia which was to be our starting point for any rides we were to take. We took a side trip to Carter's Lake but never made it down to the water. State parks charge a parking fee and we just did not feel like paying it just to ride by the water! Besides, from what we could see , the water was low. On we went until we ended up in Elijay, Georgia, self proclaimed Apple Capital. Maybe at one time it was. I remember lots of apple groves there when I was a child. It seems the drought has really hurt the apple crops this year. We ate lunch at a small country style restaurant, that I do not recommend. It had instant mashed potatoes! Yuck! After a short rest off we went.

Next stop was Dahlonega, home of the nation's first gold rush. That is righ,t here in Georgia, years before California's gold rush! We stopped at The Consolidated Gold MInes and did a little bit of panning for gold. Got some color too! I could never make a miner. First I am too tall, second it is back breaking work!(and I am lazy!)

Ok that's it for now.

Saturday, September 1, 2007