Monday, May 25, 2009


Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember those that gave their lives for our country. Today I was reading in the paper that there is an objection about President Obama sending a wreath to honor the Confederate lives that were lost during the Civil War. Why the objection? Because they were Southerns (or Northerners) that fought for the Confederacy? Does that make them any less than someone who died for their country?

Today I honor all that have fought in the American military that have died in all wars. I know they cannot hear me as they have gone to their grave. I humbly bow my head in thanks for giving me the right to live here in America.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here I am

I am still here. My birthday did not get any better. Let's just leave it at that. Next year I will not be having a birthday.

I hate sinuses. I hate them even more when you get a cold on top of it. Want to see people jump away from you? Try sneezing or coughing in public right now. That swine flu has everybody scared. I guess I should be. I live next door to some pigs. The swine flu does not scare me. All deaths from it (in USA) have been because the person had some other illness also. There are more deaths from regular flu than this swine flu. Not worried unless I start oinking instead of honking.

Our new horses are great. Cheyenne is 13 years. She has a great walk and run. She has been trained to compete in shows. Brook has been enjoying the rides she has been getting. We are having to work on Crystal and Precious. They have to get used to somebody else riding with them. We want to be able to load them all on the same trailer so we can ride somewhere else together. Easter is 5 years old. She is a sweetheart. She does have a major problem. She is not trained. Sure you can get on her back but she has no idea what to do. We are looking into a few trainers as we feel that she will be an excellent horse.

Friday(my ex birthday) Brook helped with the black belt test. She was beautiful! I am proud of her as she preformed her duties well. We had 3 take their test. As always I cried during the tea ceremony. It is such a solemn moment. I have not asked for permission from the parents to post the kids pictures so you will just have to take my word for it. Their faces are beaming with pride and show signs of exhaustion.

Ok itis time for me to get busy. I have work to catch up on that I was not able to do when I was sick. If it hit the floor it stayed there as my head would explode if I bent over.

Friday, May 15, 2009


50 years. According to the longevity of my family I am to live another 40-50 years.
Pat did remember it was my birthday just as it was time to leave for work and wished me Happy Birthday. Presents are something I never expect and never a party! LOL. I have made it this long without having one.


Today I turned 50. I have yet to hear Happy Birthday from Pat.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday was a big day around here. We went to see a couple of horses and ended up bringing them home with us. A mother and daughter team named Cheyenne and Easter.The place where they were at was nothing but a mud hole. The owner wanted to sell them and get them out of the mud. They belonged to his wife who had recently died.
They are beautiful horses! They are American Saddlebred. Cheyenne is well broke. Easter on the other hand, is not broke at the age of 5. We are thinking of sending her to a trainer if it is not way too expensive. These 2 have never been separated. They need to be. Enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Pat is doing somewhat better. He is still running a fever though. I will be taking him to the doctor tomorrow again! This foot of his is costing us bootoos of money even with insurance coverage. He has lousy coverage for pharmacy unless it is mail order. And in answer to Donna's question...No, Pat is not diabetic.

I guess I will have another day of running around in my nightgown. LOL

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Had a scare yesterday.
Pat has an infection in his foot. Tuesday I took him to the doctor and he was put on antibiotics. Yesterday He developed a red streak going up his leg. I called the doctor and he had him come in for a shot and new meds. Last night he developed a fever that went up to 104.7 before starting down. I talked to the doctor(not answering service) on the phone and he said if I did not get the fever down in an hour to take him to ER. Luckily I got it down with Motrin and Tylenol.
I was restless all night in case it came back.
I have a feeling that I will be back at the doctor Monday.