Monday, August 2, 2004

Another first today

Today was a RED LETTER DAY!!! Today I rode my Precious for the first time since the attack. It did not appear to hurt her. She broke out in the most lovely rack. I did not ride but for about 15 minutes, after all it has been 3 months since has been rode. O what a beautiful morning, o what a beautiful day......

Here she is trying her best to reach the grass. She made it. Spreaded those front legs until she could reach!

Here I am brushing her down. Pat was laughing at me. Said I was a fashion statement! I suppose so..... yellow t-shirt, red striped shorts and boots!!!

Here I am again with my darling Precious.

This is a beautiful weed growing along side of the road this morning. Somehow it survived the county mowers that mow beside the roads.


  1. Oh I am so jealouse I want a horse so bad. But glad you had a good day riging her. So gald she seemed find. AND thats a pretty flower pic too. But I love the horse and you looks so happy with it lori

  2.   I enjoy when you share pictures of her, she is such a beautiful animal. I'm glad she seems like she is getting better, poor thing. And I must say that is one funky but rather interesting looking plant there.


  3. Hey, she has a kind face, just like my Blue.  I can identify with your joy at being able to ride again... after a long, cold spell in wintertime, I feel the same way when I can finally ride.

  4. Congratulations on riding Precious!  I am so glad she is doing well now! -Krissy

  5. oh Celeste i am so jealous, i wanna ride her, she is so beautiful.

  6. Pretty, pretty horse! And I think the boots are rather sexy!! LOL

  7. Precious is a beauty & so are you! : ) Cute entry ~Ann : )


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