Tuesday, August 17, 2004

one of those days

Well the day has not gotten any better. Brook is asleep on the couch. She said that she did not feel well and she is right. She is running a temperature, poor baby. She was looking forward to TaeKwonDo tonight. It is a special class for the tumbling. She really likes that part of it. I hate when she is sick. Her asthma usually acts up then. We are very fortunate with her asthma, she has a mild form of it. The doctor put her on inhaled steriods but I took her off of them. Her peak flow, duration of attacks, and how many attacks did not improve on them. In my observation it was the proper thing to do. And why spend over $100 a month on meds that does not help? I have her take 2 puffs of Proventil before PE and TaeKwonDo. She does not have allergies according to the allergy tests. I think they were wrong. Every fall she has problems just as the ragweeds start blooming. I hope I do not have to take her to doc tomorrow. If she needs to go, well I will take her. I am not a take to doc at drop of hat. They know when she comes in, she is sick.

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