Friday, August 6, 2004

My window

I had just come back from taking Brook down to the bus this morning and was folding clothes when I heard  thunder or so I thought. I did not really think anything about it so I just ignored it and went back to my laundry folding. Then I heard it again, a rhythmic  loud , earth shaking sound. I looked out my window and there in the backyard is Belle running like there was no tomorrow. As I threw open the window she came flying by going towards the garden, round the back she went out of sight. All I could hear was thundering hooves pounding the ground. Then here she came around the back corner, cuts it close and ducks under the branches of the pine without missing a beat. Her belly low to the ground ,her head stretched out, to the wire she goes! (And yes I do mean to the wire! Straight at the electric fence) I thought to myself, she is going to try it. She is going to jump this time. At the last second she turns, flying along the edge of the house still running, leaping over the A/C unit, making a quick twist to avoid some kittens and off to the finish line racing by the window stopping by the water barrel.

What a sight! What a glorious way to greet the morning.


  1. OMG here i was thinking she was gonna jump teh fence.....sound slike a very beautiful morning!

  2. You must promise to never sell her to anyone but us. Mandy only has a thousand saved so far...but we are so enthralled  with her!

  3. LOL-- Go Belle!!!


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