Sunday, July 29, 2007


Pat and I went over to see Belle and her baby today. As we drive up we could see her running around the field. We pulled up and parked and went over and that was when we found out the news. The baby died 2 weeks ago. I had driven by in the last couple of weeks and had not seen the baby but Belle was in a backfield so I did not think anything of it.The vet believes that he was born with a problem with his intestines.They did not pay for an autopsy.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I am back

***** PICTURE WARNING*******

The pictures at the end of this entry may be hard to view. They are painful and graphic.

I am back. I am not sure just what I accomplished by staying away from the computer. I did get some stuff done but not near enough. I just have to face it, I cannot manage my time properly! LOL. I have been shampooing carpet, putting a new roof on the barn (not done), washing clothes, scrubbing shower walls, ect ect. I do not seem to get ahead so I am back. I have a list in my notebook that is 6 pages long of things I want to get done and need to get done. I will do them, but I will not deprive myself of my pleasure again.

Everyone is doing good. Brook starts intense training in 1 week for her black belt test. This will be 3 months of working hard. Aug will be a month of special weapons training. She will be attending Tae Kwon Do classes 4 days a week. It is going to be double hard for her as school starts on Aug 2nd. She is going into 4th grade this year.On her school supply list it had a LARGE book bag listed. That tells me lots of homework!

The 6 babies chicks are thriving. They are still living in my living room but now I take the cage out in the daytime so they can get used to the outside temps. They still need to be protected so I cannot just turn them loose. I also cannot just put them in the pen. They can get out of it. I have a hen setting a nest again. These game hens think that is what they are supposed to do. She has a small nest because I have been raiding it every few days. She made it easy for me to find. It is in the doghouse. Poor Pup does not have a place to sleep now.

Spirit, the horse I was walking, is doing good. I am walking her again after 1 week off. Her owner decided she was depressed and needed to get out. LOL It gives me some pocket money.

Brook has been riding Precious a lot lately. I need to punch some holes so I can adjust my stirrups for her. Her legs are too long for her buddy stipups now. She needs her own saddle now. I think I just got an idea of what to get her for Christmas.

This weekend is going to be a full weekend. Saturday we are taking Crystal and Precious over to be bred. We are sure Crystal will breed but as for Precious.... Due to what happened last time, click here, and here This stud we are taking them to has a reputation for being gentle. They will never be in a pasture with him alone. They will be on a lead rope and so will he. They will only be 3 miles from home so I will be going there everyday. I will be feeding them while they are there. Cheaper! Mare care is $5 a day per horse.

 That's it for now. I need to do something here. I will be staying and nothing is going to make me leave again!



Sunday, July 8, 2007

Taking a break

I will be taking a break from the computer. I have been spending more and more time in front of the monitor and not doing stuff I need to be doing. I may not take a complete breakand allow myself acertian length of time. If I find that I cannot control my urge that it will be a total break  for awhile.I have to break this vicious cycle of not doing anything except playing games and reading. I love my computer time but I have a big problem with getting on here and not getting off. I am a computer junkie.


Friday, July 6, 2007


My celeb inspiration profile is: Danica Patrick
A natural trailblazer, Danica Patrick entered the male-dominated sport of IndyCar racing and showed her male counterparts what the power of a woman could do. Born in Wisconsin, Danica began gocarting at a young age and later moved to England to pursue her racing career. Many titles and much controversy later, in May 2006, she published her autobiography, Danica: Crossing the Line.



I'm not afraid of anything. I love experimenting with new things and probably hear "I wish I could get away with that!" more often than most people. When things start feeling routine, I tend to lose interest. It's important for me to keep things fresh. I should visit my local recreation center and find out what exercise classes are available. I would enjoy the challenge of a yoga class or even something as different as salsa aerobics.



I typically put everyone else's needs before my own. I like feeling needed and am always willing to offer a helping hand.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rockin girl blogger!

I have been given an honor by Carlene of Horseshoe Bend. I got the Rockin Girl Blogger! WOW ! I am not used to somebody thinking I rock!So now it is my turn to pick out 5 females bloggers that I think Rock. This is gonna be hard, not to find 5 that rock but to narrow it down to 5! I am hoping that I pick 5 that have not already been picked.
First of all Carlene, you rock! I liked your picks also.

Rachel, you rock!
Rachel of Life N Stuff is Donna's daughter(My Country Life and Just Me). She has 3 kids, a hubby and dogs. In every word that she writes and every picture she shows, you can see the love she has for her famuily. She shares her disappointments and her joys. Sometimes she shares her snot!

Kim, you Rock! Kim of I shaved my legs for this? is one strong woman. I have been reading Kim since before this journal. Right now she is fighting breast cancer. She is fighting hard too. She does not pull her punches when she talks, she gives it straight.

Lori, you rock! Barngoddess of Ramblings from the Reservation is another straight shooting woman. She is never afraid to tell what bothers her, what she loves and who she loves. She has a heart as big as a horse.(she has a horse too!)

Krissy, you rock! Krissy of Sometimes I think is another strong woman. She is dealing with her husband devasating illness. She does it with a smile in her heart.

Kas, you rock! Kas of Hestia Homeschool for Young Wild Women, is another strong woman. She has endured so much pain and joy in  her life. She is the wonderful mother of 3 very strong girls that push her to the limits! LOL

There are many others I read and love.  It was very hard to narrow it down. I think we all rock in one way or another!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The weekend, Sunday

Sunday we decided to go for another ride. This time it was in the truck. We wanted to try to do some fishing in the creek that we saw. This time I had my camera with me! LOL.

Since it was too early for real fishing we decided to do a little bit of sightseeing and a picnic. We went to the Keown Falls picnic area and would have hiked to the falls except it was too hot and the hike was 2 miles up a mountain! That changed our minds! LOL After the picnic we went up the first gravel road to John Mountain's Overlook. It was a bit of a hair raising ride, a narrow gravel road with switchback curves in it. I dreaded meeting another car coming down. Sure enough we meet 2 coming down while we were going up. We snuck up on them. They were not in their cars. They were digging in the bank where there were some small yellow flowers. They jumped up and got in their cars and drove off. We did a bit of exploring up there and I snapped a picture of a pretty purple flower. It looked so fragile.

Driving along the main road we spotted some blackberry bushes. Of course we had to stop and pick some.

Now it was time for fishing. Pat was more than ready. We stopped at a campsite along John's Creek and I saw 2 sights that made me sick. One was an ugly pile of garbage that somebody had left. The other was a scary sight. Someone has tossed a cigarette down while burning and had not bothered to even step on it. We are in the worst drought we have ever had, fire hazard is extremely high and they toss a smoke. I would have loved to have been there when they had done that. Only a total jerk(I say jerk because Brook is reading this over my shoulder) would do something like that. Those beautiful woods could have burnt and a number of animals killed or made homeless, along with the human lives that would have been in danger because of fighting the fire....... I picked up the pile of garbage and we took it to a dumpster that was less than half a mile away.

Anyway back to fishing. We found a spot on the creekand tossed our lines in. The fish were clearly visible but they were not biting! LOL There was a school of 30 -50 trout right under our noses but they would not touch any of our bait.  Finally the rain came and they started jumping out of the water.

One of the prettiest sights I saw I did not get a picture of. A hawk swooped down out of a tree and caught one of the trout we were trying to get. It was a beauty of a bird and the fish was so heavy that the hawk had trouble gaining altitude.

As I sit here and remember our wonderful trip I am being constantly reminded of it. From the waist down I got ate up by chiggers! itch itch itch!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

The weekend, Saturday

Saturday Pat and I were going to take the horses to the park and ride. That did not work out. I got Precious all ready and went to get Crystal and Pat finally got moving. We brought Crystal up to the hitching post and checked her feet. Her left rear hoof had a horrible busted place in it and a nail sticking out. The shoe was loose and only had 1 nail on the busted side. Pat snipped the nail off and was about to pull the shoe. I convinced him that we needed to take her back to the farrier and get it fixed. We loaded her up ( which caused Precious to get rather anxious). We pulled up at the farrier and Crystal started getting bouncy and hollaring. She became a handfull. We walk her back and find out that they were trimming a stud's hooves. That horse is a horse ho. LOL She sees, smells or just thinks there is a stud around and she is ready to breed! Well anyway, they fix her shoe and warned Pat against any hard riding as that could cause the hoof to break more. She has white hooves. They are soft so they are prone to breakage. back home we just cool off and play on the net.

After a bit Pat and I decided to go on a bike ride. We took off and went down a road we have never been before. We ended up in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Keown Falls Park. It is not far from our house but we have never been there. Iti s a right pretty place. We just rode thru as we were on the bike and all roads were gravel off the main road. NO way do I want to ride on gravel roads! Anyway we went thru there and thought we were following the loop but that was not so. We kept getting further and further out into the rural country. No stores, no lights, very few houses. Lots of darkness closing in on us. On we rode, lightening flashing, thunder rumbling in the distance. Soon the lightening and thunder was with us. Finally we see a store. We get therre as they were closing so could not enter to escape the storm looming overhead. We did find that we were a long ways from home. We had been traveling south instead of north. Yes we do have a GPS but guess what, with the storm we had no signal! Off we went, back on the road this time with a better sense of where we were and how to get home. racing against time and the storm. Surprisingly we managed to outride the storm and made it home dry and very tired!