Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Been thinking this morning.

“Every small, positive change we can make in ourselves repays us with confidence n the future.” ~Alice Walker, American writer


We resist change. There is a comman saying," accept me as I am not as you want me to be." We expect others to change for us.

Change is  a hard thing to do. It matters not if it is a big  or a small change. What matters is that the change comes from within. Just changing how others see you is not a change if inside you are saying just you wait until I am alone.... A true change comes only if it is what you want.

I have things I want to change. Some are  small and will be seemingly insignificant, others will have a major impact on my life. No matter what the change, it will be positive. The changes cover all aspects of my life, from my actions to my reactions. Some of the actions are a result of  reactions and those will be hard.

 My family will feel the effects of my changes as it will effect them too. All of my changes will in some way change others around me. In changing the way I am doing things or reacting to stuff then maybe it will help them to change the things that they need to change.

I know I will hear comments that you don't have to change anything but I do. I know that how I react to certain situations causes me pain and I do not like feeling the way I do when it happens. I am a stubborn person and I will put my back up against a wall and fight you until I have reached the point of no return.

Some of the changes are as simple as in how I clean house. I do whatever I can to get out of it. Unfortunately, I am not organized so therefore the house becomes a wreck. I can clean, I used to make a living at it, but I hate it. Life would be easier around here both physically and mentally if I did clean better. I rebel probally because I had a MIL that would white glove my house. My then husband grew up with that and he expected it from me too. Everything had to be ironed if it need it or not, from shirts, sheets and yes, even underwear. Strangly enough when we were living together it was not that way. The same day we marriedmy life became hell in more ways than just that.


  1. I really do know just how you feel. I get so unorganised that I get over whelmed and can't anything done. Some times I don't know where to start around here. My life would be a lot easier if I could get it together and keep it together. My house does get dirty, but the most part is the clutter. I get tired of picking up everyones stuff. It gets out of hand and here I am. So I guess I need to just do it and all will be better. Small changes become a way of life and if we can make enough of them over time, we would be in good shape with not too very much effort. I could use this with my food problem too. Good luck with it.

  2. Celeste, this is so very true. I think you would make a great motivational speaker-lol-; ) Thankyou for always putting things into perspective. On a different note, my house is disorganized to!  I can relate, I hate cleaning. Hang in there GF!!! Hugs to you! ~Ann : )

  3. wow Celeste I feel so much like that sometimes...its weird....I do not like to be told what to do, or how to clean my house by anyone, and especially not my MIL...that would only make me rebel...lol But I so know what you mean. Great entry

  4. Celeste;
    you are so right!
    Sounds like me!! I do the best I can, and sometimes I feel it is still not enough. One thing though........."the house will be there when you're dead and gone" and guess what??? It will STILL need cleaning! lol

  5. Here something you may want to think about, hire a housekeeper.  Okay first let me say, remove the stigma that you have to be rich or well off to hire one.  I hate cleaning, hate it, I have tried, I have beaten myself up, I told my husband before we were married that I hate cleaning, so he does most of it.  However, like you, I do know how to clean and when I do clean, it is very clean.  But I know my limitations, so what I do when he is deployed is forgo spending money in acceptable venues.  I become super cheap with groceries, clothes, recreation, whatever, so I can pay someone 40-60 dollars a week (you have to find someone) to clean my house.  It makes life so much better. Just a thought!


  7. I hated cleaning--there are so many other things to do. Flylady helped me a lot.

  8. I have the same relationship with housework that you do--I hate it.  
    Always have, always will.  My husband does most of it, what gets done.  No, it wasn't always that way.  I used to take care of the kids, go to college all day, do homework all night, and try to keep up the house.  I finally said, ENOUGH!  
    Everybody here woke up to the fact that I had bigger fish to fry--books to read and stories to write.  All my boys learned to cook and clean and do their own laundry, too.  I don't think all women are naturals at cleaning house.  My sister in law is--that's what she loves.  It's her life.  But it's not mine.  So I really relate to what you're saying.


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