Monday, May 24, 2004

Your dog

How old is your dog? I found a really neat site that tells you how old your dog is based on questions about him or her. Check it out  Whatisyourdog'sRealAge? 


  1. Loved the quiz,Celesete but  with Sasha it's hard to judge. She's got a fenced in kennel that quite big,she is totally spoiled and now she's about 75lbs.  (In case you're wondering Sasha's a Gsd/Rottie mix.) Her previous owner had her down to 55 lbs and she was so skinny.  Now as far as jobs and stuff she's retired. She lived outdoor her whole life and now she's a couch potato. She plays with a 2 year old,that excersize,and I take her to play ball and jogging.  Ahh...what are ya going to do? There's so many things that can happen. I just enjoy her. She's a really totally awesome dog.

  2. Holley's DogAge is 54.7!

    That's 19.8 years younger than the average DogAge for Holley's breed.

    My brat...livin' large n young for her 15 years~


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