Monday, May 24, 2004


Well I got a surprise. Aren't they cute? They are under my bed. There are 4 of them. It looks like 3 in this picture but the one that is looking at you is behind another baby. This is the first litter in the last 4 that Susie Had more than 1 baby. She is a good mama. Heavens help you if she does not want you to see her babies, she will attack. LOL


  1. Yes they are, I just love kittens. My cat is old and cranky, she is sooo funny. She gives my dog fits. The dog is only 2 and she still likes to play. I have a friend that always seems to have a new batch of kittens, l love to go down there and watch them play. sooo cute

  2. KITTIES!... I Love Kitties!

  3. CUTE!!!!! I want the little white one : )


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