Monday, May 17, 2004

Graduation and things

Today I went to the school to watch an award ceremony for kindergartners. Brook , my granddaughter won sever. She recieved second place award for reading, plus two other awards that had to do with reading. She also won 2 computer awards. She is pretty good on them. LOL she had to learn how to read pictures instead of words. You know a thumbs up or a picture of a door (for exit). That confused her at first because she knew the words not symbols. She also got an award for being helpful, one in art and PE. One she did not get was good conduct. She talks WAYYYYYY to much. LOL.

My horse is doing okay. She is so patience with me. She has total trust in me. I was afraid that she would hate me. I know what I am doing to her is causing a great deal of pain but she stands there and allows me to do it.

Hunny and I got into it today over nothing. He is so angry about what happened and it is causing a great deal of turmoil inside of him. So we start snipping at each other. It will be okay. Not the first time , won't be the last.

Hunny rode Belle today. She is a beautiful spoiled baby. She did not want to stop. She is just in the learning stage. It was so funny! He finally jumped off and she stopped. He tried to lead her and she would not move! She wa doing the opposite of what he wanted today.

Well I am going to make me a hot cup of capiccino and hit the sack. Tomorrow will be another long day.


  1. HI. I'm here again for a visit! Congratz to your little granddaughter! She like most little girls, chatter boxes. LOL!
    I'm feel terrible for your horse. Poor thing!
    The pictures I'm sure don't do justice for the actual wounds.
    I'm glad she's letting you help her. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.
    ;-)  Val

  2. beautiful horsey...
    hope to see you at chat 2 nite.

  3. Congratulations to your granddaughter.  That is great!!  I am glad that your horse is doing better!! -Holly

  4. Congratulations to Brooke!!!  That's wonderful.  Keep encouraging her love of school--that's so important--a good education is the ticket to being able to take care of yourself in life!  Glad to hear your horse is doing better.


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