Saturday, May 8, 2004

Visit with my daughter

Today I took Brook to see her mother. She had madea Mother's Day card for her but they would not give it to her. Said it had to be mailed in. What harm could it have done to allow her to get that? Any way she did get to see it but she had to hold it up to glass so her mama could see it. 15 minutes every Saturday is all she is allowed and the visit is behind glass everytime. 5 more months and she comes home then the real world will kick in for her. I pray that she can handle it without reverting back to her former behavior.


  1. It's sweet that Brook made a Mother's Day card.  And I'll say a little prayer with you that your daughter will be fine when she comes home.  -=)

    I've been reading your journal & feel that you are doing AWESOME for your family.  Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Celeste, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY and a big HUG! You are agood person : ) Your family is in my thoughts.

  3. Hi.  I just went back and read through your whole journal.  I'm not clear on how long you have been caring for your grand daughter, but it looks as though it has been for quite some time.  I just wanted you to know how generous, admirable, courageous, and compassionate I think you are.  For every story I hear about something horrible happening in the world, I hear a story like yours and I feel like there is an endless hope for us all.  I really had to chuckle over the stolen $$ that she gave out to the kids at school.  How ever did she explain THAT?  I'm sure she just thought she was being a great friend.  You just have to love kids, huh?  I have to agree that your grand daughter should have been able to give the card to her mother.  I will keep your daughter in my prayers.  Hopefully she will put HER daughter foremost in her heart and her mind so that she will stay focused on the only really important thing in the world - - FAMILY...


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