Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Stress Busters

25 Ways to Combat Stress

Do yourself a favor. Practice any or all of these stress busters.
They can mean the difference between good health and bad.

1. Laugh
2. Socialize
3. Get rid of Anger
4. Be Decisive
5. Be Assertive
6. Get Some Sleep
7. Adapt your Environment
8. Encourage Yourself
9. Choose Winners
10.Reward Yourself
11.Establish Rituals
12.Nurture your Spirituality
13.Take Note
14.Play Around
15.Slow Down
16.Take Holidays
17.Take up a hobby
19.Be in control of your finances
20.Do not Procrastinate
21.Live by lists
22.Eat Right
25.Take your time


  1. excelent entry...such a gr8 list

  2. this is great, if we did more of this each day, we would be soooo much better off. even if we did one or 2 a day and kept it up and tried to make it a habit we would be doing great before we knew it. Maybe we could get off some of the meds. we are on. LOL 20, 22, & 23 would be soo good for me. I put things off and then I worry about it, instead of getting it done. One of my real bad habits.

  3. Great list. I've copied it & put it up over my desk as a reminder : ).


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