Saturday, May 8, 2004

All alone

I am all alone tonight. Brook is in bed and my hunny is at his mother's house. She is leaving town in the morning for Indiana and this may be the last time he will see her. She has serious health problems. Today has been kind of a bummed out day. I did not want to do anything and so I didn't. I am sure to hear about it later but I will do my best to let it go over my head. Just don't feel like fighting.

I think it has a little to do with my daughter not being here for yet another Mother's Day and a lot to do with my Mama not being here. I miss her. It has been 15 months since she died and it still feels like yesterday. I guess that is an improvement, at least it does not feel like today now. I hope that if you still have your mother that you go see her or talk to her more than just on holidays. Don't let any excuse get in the way because she will not be here forever. When they are gone it is to late to say what you want to them. Telling their headstone is not the best way to say anything to them. I'm sorry .Bye


  1. Know what Celeste...I'm sad too tonight : (.  I miss my mom so sooo much. Everything you said is true, unfortunately not many people realize it. Try and smile though, You have a beautiful grandbaby to share your day with. Practice what you preach girlfriend.....Induldge yourself YOU DESERVE IT!!! : )
    P.S. I think my next entry will be called "Mrs. Butt Face" my hubby got me some roses and a new memory stick for my camera and a bunch of little things to help me with my new hobby. Boy do I feel like a dork!

  2. Oh i am so very sorry bout your daughter....your still her mommy so i hope you had a great Moms day.....


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