Friday, May 21, 2004

Update on Precious

Today started early. I got up at 430 to fix hot tea and myhunny's lunch. We had a cup together and then went to get Precious to give her meds to her. Since she is refusing to eat the grain I am dissolving the meds in water and filling up a huge syringe with it. 60 CC syringe, about the size of a small turkey baster. It takes 2 of us to do that. I have to insert it in the corner of her mouth and raise her head and then push it deeper in her mouth and give it a squirt. And hold her head up high until she swallows it. It is fun LOL.

Last night a place on her shoulder ruptured and fluids came out. Well during the night more of the fluids came out and that place is no longer swollen. The skin is coming off in that spot but that is okay. It will grow back. The infection is draining and that is important.

She is getting ornery but that is okay too. It shows she is feeling better cause she is tired of being messed with. I probally won't get to ride her this summer but that is okay as long as she is okay.


  1. Im glad she's showing spunk..Like you said if she's a lil gripey~ it shows she's feelin' better......hooray! Im prayin for her...

  2. Had to read back and find out who/what Precious is. LOL Glad she is starting to get better.  -B


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