Friday, May 28, 2004

The quiet before the storm

It is so quiet here. Almost unreal. Brook is at a friend's house for the day and Hunny has left for work. Feels weird. I have been sitting in the swing outside drinking a glass of lemonade  watching the storm get closer. The wind is blowing the grass. It looks like waves of water except it is green. The trees are bending their branches. Some rose petals fluttered by, some landing at my feet. Belle, the white horse, was standing at the fence looking off in the distance with the wind whipping her mane back away from her face. Crystal , her mother, was grazing behind her. I heard a whinney and looked around. Precious was standing at the watering trough, looking at me. Blackie, my big black tomcat was rolling in the dirt. Baby, the yellow kitten was stalking Stinker, Brook's dog. Some blue birds flew by and landed in the tree in front of me. Off in the distance I can hear the thunder rumble while the sky gets darker. The first drop of rain plopped on my leg. Time to go inside.

10 minutes has gone by and the sun is shining thru the raindrops, will it keep raining? I wonder. No matter. There is peace in my home.


  1. can i come there celeste? lol thats a dream of mine to sit on the porch, drinking cool.....Thanks for the dream...

  2. Celeste it sounds incredible! such a peaceful place.


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