Wednesday, May 5, 2004


Brook had a field trip today for Cinco de Mayo. They went to a restruant and ate. The food there is great but the service was terrible! This trip was booked 3 months ago and they were not ready for us. We had 67 kids that were hungry and they had yet to cook the food. We were supposed to go there 30 minutes bfore they opened for business but they did not let us in until 11 am. These kids are used to eatting at 10:30. They had 2 wait people to serve 67 kids and 16 adults. The kids were whining because some were not getting there food. Some had to wait about 30 minutes from the time the first kids were served. I was mad. Afterwards they went to park and broke pinatas and played games.

Brook was pooped when she came home from school. She went into her bedroom and got out her barbies and fall asleep in the floor. Poor baby it has been a busy week for her and it is not over!


  1. sunflowerkat321May 5, 2004 at 5:29 PM

    Talk about unprepared!!  I hope that if a trip is planned next year...they'll pick another place!

  2. great field trip huh.........

  3. 67 kids ? lol You should of had all the kids revolt!!!  At least they got to have fun in the park : ).


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