Saturday, May 15, 2004

Group assignment #1

Tell something about yourself that you do not tell people:I worked as a striper when I was 17.


  1. Thanks for doing the assignment ! I know that its hard to tell something like that about yourself! Great job and I have done that too at the same age :)

  2. yikes a you made great money i hear it is anyways.

  3. HA!  You are too much!!!!

  4. NO WAY-lol. from the way you write (so peaceful) it's hard to picture you back in the day being a little crazy. I guess we've all done some wild stuff in our past. ; )

  5. I was a dancer as well, actually until about six months ago. I did it for six years.
    I am glad I'm out now. I am trying to raise six kids, and no matter how hard it
    gets I will NEVER subject myself to that again.


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