Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Cannot catch her

I cannot catch Precious tonight. I tried for 2 hours and she would not let me get close to her. She needs her meds. She could die from infection if she does not get them. I was cleaning her today and watched several chunks, yes I do mean chunks, of flesh fall out of her holes in her neck. I cried. It is so hard to do this knowing that everyday some more of the muscle in her neck is going  torot and fall out. It hurts so much seeing her in pain. Left untreated she will die. I don't want her to die. I love her. Some people do not understand how I could love an animal that was responsible for me breaking my back, but I do. She is a sweet, smart horse. She is also very strong willed. She knows that I am hers. It hurts that she will not let me catch her. I know she hates the meds, they are bitter, and the washing out of the wound is pure pain. How would you like it if someone kept pouring peroxide in an open would that you had? Not just once but over and over again.

My hunny said he will try to catch her when he gets home. That will be after 1 am.

If you are a praying person please pray for her.


  1. You got it -- a prayer will go up to heaven for you and your horse tonight!
    Best of Luck!

  2. I hope you caught her!  I will be praying that she is willing to take her medicine from now on and that she will be okay.
    I am enjoying your journal.

  3.   It breaks my heart seeing animals mistreated or in pain. I hope you're able to catch Precious and the medication works.


  4. i will definetly pray for her that is so sad.
    Thank you for having the love and patience you have for her.

  5. I am SO sorry ! I certainly WILL pray......... You poor thing and your poor baby! I'm going to believe with ALL my heart that she will be healed.......God Bless!


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