Saturday, May 15, 2004

Weekend assignment

I lived in Las Vegas for a while and met several stars. 2 really stand out. The first one was Robert Uriah when he was fliming his series Vegas. They were fliming at the shopping center right behind where my sister lived. I was standing there with my daughter. She was sitting in her stroller. Ater they finished the shoot he came towards where I was standing and said hi what a beautiful little girl and kissed her on top of her head! I was thinking NO ME PLEASE!!!!!MEMEMEME!!!

The second one was Wayne Newton. I waited on him in the children clothing store I worked in. He was so nice and smelled good!

That is all that I care to admit to meeting!


  1. I think there is something really sweet about Wayne Newton.  -=)

    LOL @ NO ME PLEASE comment...-=) Robert Urich was a hottie!


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