Monday, May 10, 2004

About my Mother's Day

To start with I hope everyone had a good day yesterday.

my day started good. I got up and fixed breakfast then went to church. Church had a definate funny spot in it. The pastor was giving out plants to the youngest mother and the oldest mother. Well when the 83 year old stood up, Brokk goes "Mamaw you are older than that!" I wanted to die!!! I am not sure if it was embarassment or because it was so funny. I got real close to being the youngest mother. They got up to 35 and everyone said to give it to the pastor's daughter. She was in the nursry with her little one. She is 23. She did not want it but they said too bad!

The rest of the day went good, lunch at Piza Hut then home to a movie and then I went and played in my garden. BUT not before I almost killed me and the lawnmower. I decided to ride the mower and ran over an electric cord that was plugged in. Lawnmower quit and would not restart. Thank goodness it turned out to be only wire wrapped around the blades. And it was not wire from cord. It was wire from electric fence. His fault not mine. AND HE DID ADMIT IT!!!!!! Now that was the best present ever!!!



  1. I am sooo glad you had a good mother's day. I have lost my mom too. She passed away in 1988, I still miss her very much. Family holidays are hard for me. I don't live near my sisters and my husband works in retail and is at work for most holidays. This leaves me home alone too. But this year I had the bright spot, my grandbaby. I feel so lucky to be able to keep her as much as I do. At our church they gave the arrangement from the alter to the youngest mom. Ours was 25 yrs. old with a 7 mos. old. She was real pleased. I came home and had a smart one for lunch Sunday. My daughter was off today and wanted to take me out to lunch, but her hubby had been out of town and came home, so I said I would take a rain check on it. I am sorta glad cause I have been doing so good with my food intake, that I am afarid it I go out I may eat too much of the wrong stuff. I think I need more time to get that under control. But I feel that is control in it self, just knowing that. glad you had a good weekend

  2. Your grand daughter is quite a character!!!!


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