Wednesday, May 12, 2004

the "wedding"

Yesterday I took my Precious to meet her bridegroom. She walked into that field with her proud head held high. Oh boy. I then heard a scream! The stud saw her and came flying across the field! Oh she gave him a run for his money. He chased her all over smelling her whenever he could get close enough. She was so beautiful running around. She holds her tail up and it flys behind her! Beautiful sight to behold. Today I went back over to see her, I wish I hadn't. I wanted to cry. She was standing by herself in the shade of a tree and when she saw me she whinnied and came running over. She kept pushing on the gate trying to open it to get out  and talking up a storm. I imagined she was cussing me in horse talk telling me to take her home. The stud say and came running over and chased her off and they started kicking each other. She had bite marks all over her. I do not like the horse mating ritiual. It reminds me of men that are abusers. I had to leave. I know it is a process they go through to bring them into heat but oh it is so scary watching it. This is the way it is done natural in nature. Nothing artifical, no line to stand in to be serviced but my poor Precious. I don't know if I can take 3 weeks of this.


  1. wow how interesting...i guess we learn something new every, must be sumthin to watch....

  2. I don't know a lot about horses.  I have rode them maybe 12 times in my life and love it!!!  But that does sound like a harsh mating ritual.  Geez.... us humans got it real easy!!!  Take care and thanks for visiting my journal.  ---HOlly


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