Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The war

This war is starting to feel like another Vietnam. I do not see a peaceful end to it. We are over there fighting people who have been fighting wars all the lives and their parents lives and their grandparents lives and so on. It is a way of life for them.

This may make people mad at me but if you are going into an area where there is a war going on and those people HATE you, well something is going to happen. Yes beheading is drastic but in that culture it happens, and not just in wartime. OOOPS I'm sorry it seems like I remember the annoucement that the war is over. BULL HOOKEY!, as Colonel Potter would say. There has been more killed since the war was "over" than was killed in the war. The fighting has never stopped and will probally  continue until the end of time. We will finally leave and they will fight again about something else or just continue fighting us here with more terrorists acts. Will it ever end?



  1. In a perfect world we could go in and help. but like you said this is a way of life for that part of the world. I hate it. I don't know the answers to war. I hate all of the killing that is going on. The men in my church that have been over there say the people over there are thankful for the help, but that is sure not what I see in the news. I just wish it would be over before we lose any more of our people.

  2. I totally agree with you . I mean, what did we expect? I feel very sorry   for the boy and his parents but come on people , get a clue! As far as the media (per your 1st comment) the media lies ! I dont believe anything I'm seeing or hearing at this point. It is DEFINATLY time for Bush to get serious or get our kids out of there !


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