Friday, May 21, 2004

Had a check up

I went to the Doctor Tuesday and had some tests done.  Some bloodwork and just a general overall. I had lost 4 pounds since Feb. Well I had some good news yesterday. She got my test results back and my cholesterol level had gone down. It was 267 in Feb. and now it is 241! I was real pleased with that. I had been dieting and had been doing some walking to lower it. I know it is still high but because I did get it down I do not have to go on meds for it as of yet. I did get some bad news. my thyriod is out of whack. I have to start taking meds for that. So here goes an endless round of bloodwork to get the levels normal. I will be going next month for a thyriod scan and my mammogram. I have a lump that I have to keep an eye on. It has not grown in almost 2 years so they are not too worried about it. It is not a fluid filled cyst as that has been ruled out. As long as there is no growth I am okay. The second there is any change......

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  1. Yay for the Cholesterol ! Booooooo for the rest ! I know how ya feel..... and Drs. just aren't my thing....... too bad ~ huh? I'll pray for ya ! God Bless !


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