Friday, May 14, 2004


Tomorrow is my birthday so today I had to go get my new driver's license. Ok, I know I could have mailed it in if I had the form but I did not recieve one =(.  Well I called ahead to see what it would cost and what the hours were. I also asked if they can use old picture. They told me yes. Thank goodness I thought. The picture is a good one of me. I went to Walmart first as I had to pick up a few things and on my way out of the store it came a downpour! I was so glad but boy did I get wet. Got to the office and went in to get my license. Took a number and looked around, only 2 people there, this will be quick. Waited about 5 minutes and they called my name. I went up to the counter they took my license and they asked me some questions about being an organ donor and if I wanted to give a dollar to help with the blind. Of course I said yes. I have always checked yes. Looked in the eye test and then they said $9 please. I gave them the money and they threw my license in a shreader!!! I said wait you told me you would use the old picture! She said no we never do unless you mail it in. I was mad. I was not ready for a picture. No makeup, hair pulled back in ponytail,wet and in a Tigger tshirt. I have seen better looking mug shots! I will be losing this license and getting another one. Bad is one thing, ugly is another.


  1. Yes that sucks for you, I despise the DMV

  2. Too funny.  Mine shows me with a really aggravated, annoyed face after spending approximately 3 hours (in Georgia) to get the thing taken...

  3. lol...i aint never looked good in a DL picture, i think its tehre cameras....

  4. they have them on a computer file here now, and they keep dredging up this horrific hungover one of me that I believe to be the absolute worst picture I have ever seen of myself + the heaviest I have ever been ... can't they do us this one common courtesy & let us have a little say in what we have to use as ID??? Sheesh. Freakin' gov'ment.

    ~ Karyn


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