Thursday, May 27, 2004

Something that is misunderstood

A friend of mine has this terrible disease that so many do not understand. Below is a poem that was written by a man that has it also. Read it and try to understand what they go through. Life is not easy for them. It could be someone you know.


Fibromyalgia the Demon Within

 One day it appeared within you out of the blue full of pain no one could see or hear.

Not knowing where this evil demon came from, but it is here within you holding you down

Causing you never ending pain within the depth of your soul this demon lives and raising its ugly head only to you


You try to cry out to others but know one can hear, as the demon doesn’t show its power to anyone but you


It is real why can’t anyone else see this demon within you causing you such pain. 


Crying out for help but no one listens no one seems to care


All they do is look at you like you are crazy and don’t want to be near you. 

This demon is real as real as you or I, always here within holding you down laughing with the pain it give, taunting you with every waking moment


This demon won’t let you sleep won’t let you free from its grasp or the torment of never ending pain


Crying out hoping someone will hear your cries only to find your cries come upon death ears


You tell your love ones how much you hurt but all they say, you don’t look as if you are in pain


or it’s just in your mind, but you know it’s real as real as you

You go to the doctors hoping they will make it go away only to find that there is nothing they can do


You wonder why this demon choose you and not someone else wondering why me what did I do to deserve all this pain


 There is no reason why you were chosen to bare this pain from this demon called Fibromyalgia 

Oh yes it has a name given by the doctors not knowing what it is


They give you medication saying it will help, but nothing really helps to hold this demon down


The medication causes more and more problem outside of the demon; it seems to bring more demons within


All we can do is live our life with the demons within ourselves trying to hold on until we die


We all search for others to understand that we are not alone and to find others to talk to that understand how we feel deep within


Once we have found others like us it makes it easier to cope with the demon call Fibromyalgia. 

 Thanks to all of the new friends we found we can cope somewhat better in life to know we are not alone

It seems they are the only ones that can see or hear the demon in each of us with this demon called Fibromyalgia.  

Written By

Ronald E. Pinson (Rep54dude01) 

Published with permission by author


  1. Beautiful poem and so true...although i think that this is a diagnosis given by doctors, when they have no other idea what could be wrong...I worked in the Helathcare Industry for 11 years, and you wouldnt believe how many people have been misdiagnosed as having Fibro Mylasia. Actually a few years ago, I had some weird stuff going on, vertigo like you wouldnt believe, well guess what, a neurologist and my family practice doc suggested it, and I said fooyee on that, I did research myself, and found that I have a disease called Meniere's as well as a overabundance of Yeast in my body, (you should definetly check out the yeast thing...ud be amazed what this can cause). Upon me telling my DOc's this andthem reading up on it, THEY learned sumthing. I follow the advice of teh internet, and lo and behold I have been symptom free...and i mean nuthin, completely better. It was like a since I came across this info, I shared it with a few people I know who have been misdiagnosed and some of them also found if they folowed the Yeast regiman they also lost theier I'm very leary about that diagnosis and totally suggest passing this info along!
    Thanks again for your support and encouragement, it means so much i cant even tell ya!

  2. My sis's hubby was diagnosed with it last yr. He is 41 ~ I think. It causes him MUCH grief. ( I'll pray for your friend )

  3. It's tough to have an illness no one understands. I used to work with little kids who had disabilities and I was a volunteer. Sometimes we'd have people come in and they'd look at these kids like they were freaks or something. I mean just because a person is sick or not "normal" doesn't mean you treat them any different. They just need a little extra help. That's all.

  4. wvcrochetcritterMay 28, 2004 at 7:04 PM

    Celeste,  This is a nice poem.  I too have this nasty Fibromyalgia.  I was diagnosed with it and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1993.  I have days when I just don't understand why I feel so badly, especially when I've done nothing differently to cause such things.  Sometimes the pain is great, but mostly the confusion and stress that comes with is it horrible.  I can handle pain, but the feeling of being out of control and weak is bad for me.
    I hope all is well with your friend, and we'll remember them in our prayers.


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