Tuesday, May 4, 2004

I am not a meany any more.

I guess I am not a meany anymore at least for today. Brook climbed in my lap while waiting on the bus to get here and nuzzled me and said "I love you Mamaw". Made me feel good.


  1. Ahh...kids are the best!!!

  2. i love when people write these things...i think we lack hearing that in our lives...

  3. Hold each and every day in your heart and try not to miss those precious moments.  Tomorrow is not promised , but when we open our eyes, we hope for the best.  Two of my dear friends beat cancer, but my beloved Trouble, wasn't one of them.  we will miss her so much.  Special moments with our friends can mean so much. Cherish each and every moment.  You may not have another.  GB Mots.


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