Tuesday, February 1, 2005

I went to the doctor this morning. I had an appointment to get bloodwork done. FUN. I am beginning to feel like a vampire's victim!  Blood was drawn for a fasting blood sugar, cholesterol, and thyriod. Everything was high 2 months ago when I was tested and so we are retesting. The sugar is the only new thing going on. My thyriod is leveling off finally ( I hope), my cholesterol has been coming down slowly but surely ( with no drugs), but my sugar has been climbing. The bad news is I gained a pound from last month, but we are pretty sure it is water weight from the female thing. No monthlys anymore but I still go thru everything involved with having one! Friday I go to the orthropedic doctor about my neck. We will see what he has to say. I think it will be a waste of time but I will go anyway. That is all for now!


  1. As a type II diabetic, I go in ,at least, every six mos for all the blood test crap. As a general rule, needles don't bother me, BUT, every once in a while, I get some "newbie" that couldn't find a vien in a gold filled mountain. Good luck on the results. rich

  2. Hope everything comes out ok!

  3. Godd luck for your tests!!!!


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