Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Please forgive my screaming. It seems I am supposed to be in 3 places at the same time. So busy busy me. Gotta go be back later to fill you in on things.


  1. Thank You Celeste for stopping by at our journal.  Maybe someone from outerspace rained down "rush iniatives" during the night.  We see you're doing your best to handle busy schedules too!  I'm sorry about your hubby, sounds like this is a bad predicament.  I vote for the suggestion you coax the scheduler's to get an early appointment.  And, thanks to you now, I know the inherent problems of straw!  Good luck with that!  Hehe  Stop in again, if you don't mind us going on and on ... :)

  2. ok but take things easy !   Sandra xxx

  3. Hey, I can hear that scream all the way over here in England!!!!


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