Saturday, February 19, 2005

Pat hurt

Well last night, or rather this morning was a doozey. I woke up to a gunshot, at least I thought it was. Just dreaming, go back to sleep. No wait I hear my name, nope noone there. Wait there it is again. I get up and go in the livingroom and what do I find? Pat on the floor.

 Turns out he hurt himself at work last night after I went to bed. He tried calling me but I cannot hear the phone ring(gotta fix that part, need on in bedroom). He went to the hospital and the doctor said he had a strained back muscle . No xrays were done at that time. He gave him some prescriptions and that was it. Said call your doc in 5-7 days. It seems when he got him that he tried to stand straight up and he got hit with muscle spasms that put him to the floor. He says he now understands what I went thru with that when I broke my back. He told me that I am stronger than he realized.

So I am off now to get his prescriptions filled. Lucky for him I had some of the meds he needed.


  1. Awww ... sorry about Pat's back ... not many things more painful than that.
    I would think that a phone in the bedroom might be important.
    Glad that it was not a gunshot!

                                       *** Coy ***


  2. That nice of him to emphatizebut a strained back hurt nowhere as bad as a broken one....Just tell him to multilple his pain by 50 and he will be were you were at
    Donna In TEXAS

  3. Bad backs are so painful.  I do hope he feels better soon.

  4. Hope he is doing better.

  5. Ouch !  I hope he is better soon !


  6. Sure hope Pat's back improves! Thank goodness you had some of the medicine he needs...medicine costs an arm and a leg.....
    Well at least he now knows just a little bit of the pain that you must have felt when you had your broke back. But I imagine yours was a lot worse.
    Take care now,

  7. Ouch...back injuries are the worst. Hope he is doing better soon!

  8. Well good lord. Hope it isn't anything worse that the ER Doctor diagnosed. Hope he feels better soon!


  9. doh...I hope Pat will feel better soon! Hurting the back is the worst thing, big ouch! -=(

  10. WOW...back injuries are just crazy...your back never really feels the same....but I am sure you know that. Sorry to hear about Pat...hope all things work out.....Have a FABULOUS week.

  11. that does sound so very painful. I do hope feels better very soon.   Sandra x


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