Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Feeling better today. Did a little reading and catching up. I am so weak. My new diet enabled me to fit in a pair of pants that on Saturady I could not get closed. As a matter of fact I had about a 4 inch gap. Today they fit good. I DO NOT, I repeat I DO NOT recommend this diet!

Sorry Flylady I can only stand for 5 minutes at a time to do anything. Tomorrow will be better.


  1. I've been on that diet.  In three days I lost 12 pounds.  It's a hard diet.  

  2. Hoping that you feel stronger and stronger, aw sorry you weren't well.  It's going around, as they always say.. But in this case it's very true, feel better.  It'll take a while to catch up in strength and electrolytes, so take care of yourself.   :)  Ivy

  3. It all sounds a bit drastic to me.  A lot of weight loss in a short time is not good for you.  They say aim to lose no more than 2lbs per week, anymore is dangerous.  Nice to be able to fit into those clothes though.

  4. "One day at a time" it works. rich

  5. Glad that you are better. Just take it easy and eat good and your strenght will come back slowly. Don't rush it, do only what you just have to do. hugs

  6. okay, do tell, please do tell, what diet are you on??!!



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