Friday, February 18, 2005

What a day today has been. First I get up and everything hurt. My hip was having trouble holding me up, finally got that worked out. My neck and shoulders were hurting, never did get that worked out. My back stopped hurting after I stood up for awhile. THEN I went to physical therphy. They made me cry. Why does it have to hurt so much?I do not feel any benefit from it, maybe it is just to early. Pat was in a grumpy mood all morning, trying to pick a fight. I was not in the mood to do so. He had gone and bought a load of gravel in the truck while I was in PT. He shoveled it out after we got home. I moved the truck forward and backwards for him. He is still trying to pick a fight. We finished doing that and go inside. It has warmed up to 33 by then. I fixed us ad rink and he plays on the computer for a bit. He then goes and lays back down and takes a nap. I go sweep out the back of the truck. That gravel can really eat a hole in the bed of a truck if you leave it in there. I fix his lunch and wake him up for work. As he was leaving he tells me he is sorry. He admitted that he was in an ill mood and was trying to fight. He thanked me for not taking the bait. That made me feel good.

Now on to some goodstuff.

Brook had TaeKwonDo tonight. She is getting so good with it. Her kicks are getting better all the time. Tonight was as pecial night, She tried out for the DEmo Team. the Demo Team goes around to churches and schools and other places and gives demostration shows. It is really neat to watch them. There were a lot of people trying out for this. She was the youngest one there trying out. She was so serious doing it. It is hard to make the team. She broke 4 boards and did numberous kicks. I am so proud of her. Even if she does not make it, she tried. And not because I pushed her. She begged me to let her try out. I had to say yes. I know how tough it is. Very few green belts make the team. Most of the kids do not make it the first time they go for it. We will find out Tuesday if she made the team or not.



  1. You know, Pat should really love you to you are hurting all over, just got back from PT , and you are out there helping him even though you are in pain yourself.....and then you go and sweep out the truck while he takes a nap, and then you fix his lunch! Wow! Man..........does he realize how good you are to him?! I am so glad  he told you that he was sorry...and I know you are too. (Men!)
    Those pictures of Brook were so sweet and she  looks so serious doing her kicks! I  will keep my fingers crossed that she gets in the Demo Team !
    Take care of yourself and I hope you get your pain under control.
    love ya,

  2. I so sorry you feeling badly...I hope your aches and pains get better..
    Here is a big ole kiss <smack>  and <<<hugg>>>..That always makes me fell better...sort of :-)
    Donna In TEXAS

  3. Well done to Brooke ! Have a great weekend   Sandra x

  4. Lovely pictures. Hope you feel better soon. Not nice when the other half is in a bad mood.

  5. She could probably kick my ass !



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