Saturday, February 5, 2005

Today will be a busy day. Pat has left to go get a load of gravel. Candi's boyfriend is taking his truck and getting a load too. He will be bringing 2 teenaged boys with him to help shovel  off the gravel. Why are we getting gravel? Well, everyone has decided that our driveway lake needs to be fixed. I do not understand what the trouble is? I thought it was just lovely seeing ducks swim in our driveway! LOL. Being funny here. Seriously, it really needed work on BAD!!! They are putting a pipe in and covering it with gravel. Yesterday evening while I was at TaeKwonDo with Brook, Steve dug a small ditch leading from the driveway to the field. this really is a major job. I know that the amount of gravel they are going to get will not fill up the hole. We need a BIG dump truck load! If the weather holds out we will hopefully get a truck to come out here in the next week and lay some gravel down for us. I wish we could concret it but there is no way! Our driveway is about 800 feet long. Can you imagine how much that would cost?!?!

Anyway I won't be much help today. Brook is sick. She spent most of the night throwing up. There is some kind of stomach virus going around and she caught it. She is just miserable. She has a low grade fever so I am not treating that. Just trying to keep her hydrated.
After they all get here I am going to store and getting my meds and picking up something for lunch to feed this crowd. I might just pick up a bucket of chicken!

Well gotta go and finish my kitchen. See yall later!


  1. I finally have time to get caught up, yay!  At least the news from the doctor was mostly good.  So this is just one thing.  But do you really have to fix it?  I thought the ducks swimming in the driveway sounded cute.  :)

    Sammie  :)

  2. Hope Brook feels better by now..poor young-un! That virus went around down here and it was real rough on the ones that had it. It lasted longer than normal too.  I have gravel in my little bitty driveway....before that,there was a mud hole right where I stepped into and out of my car!

  3. I think that same stomach thing made it to California.  It took me all of 10 days to get both of them to stop throwing up and running a fever.  I hope Brook is doing better.


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