Tuesday, February 8, 2005

that diet

Ok sweet people. I had a few emails from some very concerned people. It really is not a diet. I caught the really horrible stomach virus that has been closing whole school districts down around here.

I have anorexia. I will not, I repeat will not go on any diet that will rapidly remove weight from my body. I have a very hard time going on any diet for fear that I will lose control and go back to not eatting.

I am almost 5'7" tall. At one time I weighed 87 pounds. I looked like a holocaust survivor. When I gave birth to my daughter I weighed 155 pounds. 2 weeks later I was down to 100 pounds.

I am terrified of that happening to be again.


  1. I can relate, I really can...  I honor you for actually going out on a limb and being straight with yourself (forget about readers, yourself is most important)...  
    In any case, that nasty virus that's going around is no joke.. I work in an ER, you don't have to tell me how prevalent it is lol.     I really wish for the best for you, you're a strong yet sweet person.
                                                       :)         Ivy

  2. I'll say a prayer.

  3. you need to take care of yourself, Celeste. You sound like me...weight going up and down..weird! I have those spells too. I am praying that you feel better soon!

  4. You're in my prayers,sweetie.  I know it's not easy.  A girl I went to school with had an eating disorder and I remember how hard it was for her.  Lots of love and if you need to talk I'm here. -Dawn-  

  5. Wow Celeste, I learn more about you all the time.  I had your "diet" figured out all along.  LOL.

  6. I knew you were sick. Didn't know about the "other" stuff. I think you sound like you've got it handled. Don't let this "bug" get into your head. It's just a "bug" you take meds, you get well. End of story. rich

  7. Stomach viruses can sure be rough!  Get well soon!
    I stumbled across your journal for the first time today... saw that you too are a horse person :)  Take care.
    (email me for access to my journal)

  8. I hope this never happens to you again either and I hope your virus goes away soon. Paula

  9. I figured you had that flue virus going around! It has really been bad around here too. Drink plenty of fluids!!! take care of yourself now.
    hugs ((( )))

  10. Celeste, bless you for bring this out.  I had my own battle with this condition when I was in my late 20's.  I got down to 110 and planned to lose more--my next immediate goal was 100.  But I got pregnant with my third son and knew I had to eat for him.  I know what you mean about the fear of a repeat.  The sense of power you get from losing the weight is so strong; it is like you are using a drug.  Since I really started devoting myself to my creative life, I've not had the desire to starve myself, even during those times when I've gained lots of weight, like I did just after my hysterectomy in 2002.  I know what you're going through.  Stay strong.  You're a wonderful human being, a wonderful woman.


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