Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Today is Groundhog's Day.   Traditionally it is the day that the groundhog emerges from his burrow and predicts the weather. If the sun is shining and he sees his shadow then he will go back to his burrow and sleep for 6 more weeks. If he does not see his shadow the we will have an early spring. Spring is coming! There is no way for a groundhog to see his shadow here! It is raining!




  1. Well, it does normally hold true, then we will all be in for an early Spring. We have Daffs coming up here already xxxx

  2. I hope that spring is on the way. It has not been real cold here that much, but this damp rain is getting the best of me. I know you all have had some awful weather, so I know you are really looking forward to spring.

  3. Hi Celeste,
    Bet he hates to be woke up! hehehe

  4. 6 more weeks...UGH !



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