Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Eye doctor

Brook had a fun day. She went to the eye doctor. Poor baby. I had to dilate her eyes before getting there. Anybody that has had that done knows that those drops burn! i put the drops in and 5 minutes later I had to repeat it.m As much as it burned the first time, she allowed me to do it again.  Her pretty blue eyes disappeared and became big black holes! Shew could not see anything. So the doctor checked her eyes and she is slightly far sighted. He does not want to put her in glasses just yet. He wants to recheck her in 4 months just to make sure of how they are progressing. Afterwards they put drops in to make them go down faster but it is still a slow process. She still insisted on going to TaeKwonDo. That child is a doer. I am proud of her.


  1. The eye dialation is hard! She'll be okay in the morning, poor thing.

  2. Brook did good. I have to do it tomorrow. Paula

  3. Brook is a good kid!  (I hate having my eyes dialated!)  
    Oh, by the way...let her know that I gave  a little something to help support her jump rope for the heart association on her web site...what a little trooper she is!!!
    take care now,

  4. Wow ! Tough young lady !


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