Saturday, February 12, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six #44

PLay along with me at Patrick's Saturday Six.

1. What one song or melody can make you smile even when you're having a rotten day?
 Hush Little Baby, I started singing this for my grandbaby when she was born and now she sings it to her baby dolls.
2. What are your plans for the day?  How much of it do you think you'll actually accomplish?
 I plan on baking a cake and cookies. The cake is done and the ingredients for the cookies are set out waiting for the dishwasher to finish. So yep All of it will be done.
3. What television show do you most enjoy watching when you're all alone and can devote your complete attention to it?
 Young and the Restless. Ok it is a soap opera.  I like it!
4. What was the last thing you remember arguing with someone about?
Bud:  Inspired by this article on cell phone technology, he asks, "What is your most aggravating public experience with a cell-phone user?"
It was not only aggravating it was dangerous. It happened the other day. I was driving in downtown and a car in front of me was weaving back and forth between 2 lanes. I could see the man was using a phone, he was holding it oin his left hand and would keep letting go of the wheel waving his other hand in the air.
Stacy:  Did you watch the Super Bowl and if you did, do you like the commercials, the half-time show OR the ceremony following the game the best?

I did not watch the Super Bowl as it came on a channel I do not get also I did not care for the teams playing.


  1. Ugh.. people who talk on their cell phones while they're driving are a big pet peeve of mine.  We've all done it, but sheesh, a 30 minute in-depth conversation really isn't necessary.  Another one that annoys me is when people answer their phone in a movie theatre and have a conversation.  Grrrr... LoL

    Mmm... I smell cake now.  :P

  2. It's "All My Children" for me. : ) Almost 30 years now.

  3. I love Hush little baby, myself....when MAndy was a baby she would chime in with just the last word. It was so cute!


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