Monday, February 21, 2005


Pat wanted me to tell everyone thanks for the well wishes. We are having a time getting an appointment with a doctor. He has to have a work release ( of course he cant work yet) So far the earliest he can get in to see one is March 17th. We cannot afford for him to be off work that long. I think that is how they get out of paying any claims. Another thing is we may have todrive over 50 miles one way to even see an doctor. This is crazy. IF it is just a muscle strain he will be healed by then and no trouble for the worse if he goes back to work before then. If it is something else, like a slipped disc then he will have trouble and will void his claim by then. Go to work and risk more injury, maybe far more serious or stay at home and not pay bills....... I am worried. I cannot say anything to him about it. He really is hurting and he will try to work if he knows that I am worried. I am scared. I am not ashamed to admit it. I keep thinking, should I contact a lawyer now? I feel like they are trying to screw him.


  1. Difficult situation.  We had this with Mike for eight months but then it was sciatica.  After getting nowhere with the doctors he paid privately and see a chiropractor.  She had him off his crutches and walking within two weeks.

  2. If he hurt his back at work, it is a workman's comp claim.  His hospital/Doctor/Drug bills should be covered 100% by workman's comp.  Also, his pay should continue as long as he is out of work thru workman's comp coverage.  Workman's comp covers any kind of injury sustained while at work.  You make reference to  a claim.  Is that a workman's comp claim?

  3. ONE if he hurt hiemslef on the job....can he not ask his employer for the insurance claim number that they got when they filed his accident/injury. If he went to the emergency room didn't the dr. there refer him to see a specialist and give him a suggested one? If so and if he can get that claim number, all he has to do is give that to the dr. and they can call and get it approved by the employers insurance company that they use for workers comp. (where the claim number comes from)

    If not then I suggest getting a lawyer becasue they will at least get him in to see one of their Dr.'s sooner and the sooner the better if the employer isn't cooperating.

    I just went through this...When I found out I needed more medical attention and told my emplouer since I don't have medical insurance. She hurried and called to report my accident to her insurance company because it is against the law for her NO TOO! Which I foudn out afterwards. She then gave me that number and I gave it to the Dr. the emergency room refered me to. But I was all set to get an attorney.


  4. OMG I guess I hadn't read your journal in a couple of days. Didn't know you and Pat were having so much trouble. Hope everything turns out well for you both. I know it is a worry for you. My prayers are with you both. Paula

  5. Call the doctors office. Don't be embarrassed to share your situation. See if they can put you on a wait list for any cancellation...or possibly give you something sooner. Plead nicely. I've had good luck when I beg nicely. When my husband was laid off and we were about to lose our insurance...I needed some tests done and the "only appointment" was months out (well past when our insurance would expire). So I told the scheduler my story. She found something the next week.

  6. If you feel lie they are trying to put one over on you the trust your little inner voice and call a lawyer! And file foe workmen's comp.
    Hope he gets some kind of relief for his pain.
    You take care of yourself too!

  7. I hope he is feeling better really soon.


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