Thursday, February 17, 2005

I miss you Mama.

2 years ago today my Mama passed on. It does not seem to get any easier. If anything, I miss her more now than ever before.

She was 86 and died at home, alone, with her cat in her lap. She had her hand on his back like she was petting him. That was how she was found. Her cat was not one for staying still for very long. He stayed with her and did not even move after my sister found her.

She died 10 days short of the 30th anniversary of my Daddy's death. They are together now forever.


  1. What a peaceful way to go.I am sorry  it is not any easier. There is nobody like a Mama.I see my Mom everyday and I can not imagine not being able to see her again...I will be thinking of you today.

  2. I feel for you Celester. I still miss my mother.  You can never replace a mother. But what a wonderful way to go, stroking her cat and her cat staying with her. Very touching. My thoughts are with you xxxx

  3. It never really gets easier. I just talk to my parents. I know they can hear me.
    You wrote this so beautifully, it touches the heart.

  4. I know  how you feel. I would give my right arm just to be able to say"I love you Daddy" and be able to hug him one more time......
    Your mom died with her beloved pet in her arms,in her own home...what a beautiful way to go........if only we all could be so lucky....
    You take care
    hugs (((( ))))

  5. It never get easier...for me it hasn't ..I lost my mother in 1988 from Colon Cancer...she was only 58....  :o(


  6. I'm so very sorry for your loss....

  7. So sorry for you loss and pain. But what an incredible story. How comforting that that cat stayed with her. So she really wasn't alone. But we always feel that guilt I guess. Very poignant entry. ((((Hugs)))))

  8. It does get slightly easier but only to the point that you can live with it, not the loss itself.  I lost my Dad 20yrs ago and it could have been yesterday.  I have accepted he has gone but sometimes i feel I really need to talk with him and I can`t.  That`s when I feel very sad all over again.  He was special, just like everyone elses Mum or Dad is special, and you are left with wonderful memories that you will always treasure.   Blessings  Sandra  x

  9. Such a touching story about your mother and her cat. I would think she went in peace. Paula

  10. Hi, I feel your pain..I lost my mom, 3 years ago from septic shock, caused by Hardening of the Arteries of the Colon , she was 58.,she suffered several years in agony..she never new what was sad the way she suffered , & nothing touched the pain? i tried to help her..she was gonna go to the clevland clinic, but didnt make it in time..i am still angry at her Doctors for not finding it sooner!,it was her autopsy that her chidren found out the cause! (she didnt get to c her yougest grandson turn1) ,my little boy,Caleb.

  11. I'm so sorry you miss your momma...aahhh the feel of a momma loves or the smell of her colonge..Just to put your head in her lap and have her rub your hair...Those are the things I would miss...
    She loved you...Of course you know that..being a mom yourself..

    She looks down you you everyday...and smiles
    Donna In TEXAS

  12. It is always amazing to me how sensitive and knowing animals are.  I've heard that cats sense approaching death and will keep a vigil on the human they love.  I'm glad she had the cat; she didn't die alone.

  13. I don't think anyone dies alone......whoever passed before her were there with her.  I understand your loss. {{{csandhollow}}}}


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